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Dollmakers Patterns for Hats & Bonnets

“…walking through a Winter Wonderland…”  Hello, and now that I have that song running through your head, I’ll explain.  That’s how I spent some of my morning, Bella (my dog) and I got out early just as the sun was rising behind thinning snow clouds that had spent the night giving us another couple of inches of snow to enjoy on our walk.  I love the change of Seasons and Winter here means a number of snows storms that dump a couple of inches here in the valley and feet in the mountains.  Just beautiful, I love where I live.

Today I found this great ‘how to’ booklet in my favorite thrift store.  This magazine size pattern book is chock full of instructions, patterns and pictures for doll hats and bonnets.


This book was produced by Scott Publications in 1987 and is now out of print.  I don’t believe this was used at all.


It certainly has some good pictures and tips and techniques along with the patterns.


And the patterns are absolutely pristine which is why I don’t think this has ever been used.


And then there’s page after page of these wonderful images of Antique hats and bonnets.


How I wish I could see these in all their colorful glory.  Imagine the fabrics and ‘notions’ they used for these!


What a fun find.

Here’s the link folks:

Thanks for joining me today. – Kriss

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