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McCoy Blossom Time 6″ Vase

Good Morning and Good Monday to all.

Whew – what whirlwind the last 3 days have been.  We had quite a Winter storm come through and we’ve been doing a Master Bath Makeover.  The storm is lightening up and the Makeover is almost done!  How did you spend your weekend?

Today I have a classic, newly listed, beauty in my shop Old Raven on Etsy.


This lovely vase is by McCoy Pottery, approximately c1940’s.  McCoy was famous for a lot of pastel colors and soft dreamy lines.  This pottery carried the Arts & Crafts Movement into the modern style.


This vase and pattern was very popular and many were made at the time, but this particular vase shows McCoy’s style at it’s best.  Notice the creamy, dreamy leaves and stems with just a shadow of accenting green in their background position.  They perfectly accent the blossom that’s added in compodimonte style.  The blossom has pink washed petals with a golden tan heart.  All the painting is carefully executed and shows an artist worked on this particular piece.


And yep, it’s the real McCoy!  (Sorry, couldn’t resist that one.)

Here’s the link:

Well, I’m off and running – Monday’s are SO crazy.  Thanks for looking. – Kriss

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