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Chinese Ink Stick Set

Welcome and happy mid-month and mid-week.

At 19°, it was a brisk dog walk this morning but Bells got to play with her friend Budders and the snow was flying everywhere from their antics.  What a pair of goof balls.  Fortunately, the laughter helped keep my walking partner and I warm and the doggies loved the cold.

Today I’ve listed a set of five Chinese Ink Sticks.


Aren’t they beautiful? I love it when relatively mundane items are still made to be decorative.


To use, you would have an ‘ink stone’ and with a bit of water you would gently rub the ink stick in the water on the stone until you achieved the consistency of ink that you wanted.


These sticks are embossed front and back in gold with dragons on one side and hieroglyphs on the other.  They’re quite heavy and feel like stone, themselves.


The box is covered in very pretty rice paper and the lid is glass so this lovely set could be used purely as a decorative item (which is what I would do since I’m not a brush pen calligrapher and I’m VERY into dragons).

If you would like to see a bit more, here’s the link to this item in my Etsy shop Old Raven:

Have an exceptional day. – Kriss


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