Free Floating Spooky Eyes ‘How To’

Hey Everybody – how’s your day going so far?

I’ve got a fun ‘how to’ Halloween project that anybody can make and it’s a great outdoor decoration that you can really customize to fit just about any size or space.


These ‘floating eyes’ have been a popular addition to my Halloween display for years.  If you look closely maybe you can see that the eyes are actually on black tulle.


You can find black tulle year round and it’s very inexpensive.  If you want to make a big display like mine then look for tulle on the bolt with a 54″ width.  At around $1.25 a yard you can afford to go crazy if you want a large panel of eyes.  My panel is 4 yards long x 54″ tall!  Once you get your tulle, cut it to the size you want.

Now you’re ready to start making the eyes.  Don’t worry, you’re not going to have to ‘creatively’ come up with a huge variety of spooky eyes all on your own.  Just go to the net and Google ‘spooky eye clipart’ and you’ll get pages of eyes like the two groups above.


This is a picture of the back side of one of my floating eyes display.  I used plain white cotton fabric (also super cheap at the fabric store).  Using white automatically provides the ‘white of the eyeball’ part and, if you use white you can light your eyes with a black light and they glow in the dark!

Lay your white fabric out on a table and trace/draw your eyes using a black Sharpie marker.  Use the big thick tip markers not the fine or regular tips.  Fill in all the ‘pupils’ and color in the irises (you can use colored Sharpies, too).  I only had black, red and blue Sharpies when I decided to make my floating eyes – but there’s lots of colors to choose from if you want more color.  Once you have your eyes all drawn and colored in it’s time to cut your eyes out (that sounds gross, eww).

Next step:  place the eyes where you want them on the tulle and pin them in place.  For mine, I used a zigzag stitch on my sewing machine to permanently attach the eyes to the tulle.  If you don’t have a sewing machine just hand stitch them on with a needle and white thread using nice big stitches – it doesn’t need to be fancy or perfect.


Now you’re ready to hang your tulle panel.  My panel is displayed between my front porch’s two pillars.  I used the thin craft or florist wire to suspend my panel.

Cut your craft wire longer than your fabric and make sure you have enough extra to wrap around what ever you’re going to anchor your panel to.  Run the length of wire through the weave of fabric – one on the top and one on the bottom.


See the tears in the tulle?  I’ve learned over the years to support the tulle at the tension points by adding a square of Duct Tape, punch a small hole for the wire to feed through, and pull the panel taunt from there.

I also have an anchor wire running through another patch of tape that is half way up the side of the netting on each end, now there’s no drooping in the panel even though this is a large amount of fabric to be hanging.

For storage, I found a big cardboard tube at Home Depot (ask, they’ve probably got one in the dumpster or backroom).  Each year, I just start at one end of the tulle and roll it up on the tube for storage until next year.


This is a really simple decoration to make and it’s tough too.  Rain won’t bother it as long as you’ve used permanent markers and wind just goes right through it!

One year I decided I wasn’t going to put the eyes up and many of my ‘regulars’ commented that they missed that part of the display, so the eyes go up every year now.

I hope you give this project a try – it’s fun, quick and easy.

Happy Halloween – Kriss





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