Quilted Post Cards by Cheryl Haynes

Hello and welcome back!

Today I’m listing a craft book that will appeal to quilters, needleworkers and hand crafters in general.  ATTENTION QUILTER WANNABEES…


This book has step by step instructions for making quilted post cards.  Think of all those fabric scraps you’ve been hanging on to – this was the reason!


Everyone would love to make quilts but very few of us have the time.  So, how about making ‘mini’ quilts (like 6″ x 4″), these are quilts you could get done in a day!



This book is packed with ideas as well as instructions with lots of pictures to guide you through all the steps.


These little projects are going to pack a big punch when you send someone a “Forever” card that was handmade by you.


There’s even Holiday and Seasonal cards.  If you always wanted to quilt but were a bit intimidated by the whole process – these cards are just what you’ve been looking for.

Here’s the link to my Etsy shop Old Raven where this listing just went up:



And HAPPY HALLOWEEN or at least Happy October if you’re not quite there yet as far as Halloween goes.


Yesterday I showed my front yard display and how it looked in the daytime.  I like my Halloween setup to look good anytime of day.


But don’t those pumpkins under all the gauze shine through great at night?  I’ve made my ‘ghosties’ for years, adding one ghost to the setup every year or so.  They’re a big hit in my neighborhood.


I try to keep a good balance with the lighting – bright enough so kids aren’t tripping up the walkway or steps – but still low key enough to be spooky.


I also mentioned my new black “licorice” pumpkin cats – don’t they look great when their eyes are lit?  And of course, Smokey had to get in the pictures.  She’s perfectly lined up with the Halloween cats, personally, I think she planned it.

As always, thank you so much for being here and sharing my world for a moment. – Kriss



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