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Anybody Want A Cat?

Just joking, but sometimes I might wish for mine to be a breed other than a tortoiseshell. The rather strange spelling of their breed’s name should be your first clue. Tortoiseshells or ‘torties’ for short, are known for their ‘unique’ personalities. (Wikipedia) Tortoiseshell cats are sometimes credited with having a strong-willed and hot-tempered personality. Cat aficionados believe these feisty personality traits… Continue reading Anybody Want A Cat?


Rare Vintage Pontiac Dealership Posters

Hello, and welcome back (or if you’re here for the first time) – WELCOME to Old Raven Creates. Today I want to show you some unique Vintage art posters that came from, of all places, a Pontiac car dealership! Now, you might think these feature cars…but no…these incredible posters pay homage to the ‘original’ Pontiac… Continue reading Rare Vintage Pontiac Dealership Posters

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Summer’s Last Big Outdoor Project

Welcome All and Welcome Back… Today’s blog is a chronicle of our last big outdoor project for the Summer.  Our backyard is in three fairly small sections with the above picture showing the largest piece that runs parallel to our detached garage. When we first built our house 21 years ago, we planted a line… Continue reading Summer’s Last Big Outdoor Project

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Know Any Good (Bird) Divorce Lawyers?

Hello, Hi, Howdy and Welcome! I’m almost dizzy from how fast the days are whizzing past.  My shop, Old Raven on Etsy, has been very nicely busy even though traditionally this is my slow time of the year.  At least the pandemic has one or two upsides to go along with its massive, overwhelming down… Continue reading Know Any Good (Bird) Divorce Lawyers?