Fabulous Fall Fun

Yes, sometimes you can mix work and pleasure and my first Craft Fair turned out to be just that.

There were about 30 booths in all, a wonderful fall day, a steady stream of shoppers and it all took place in my own little town of Hidden Springs, Idaho.  We’re a “bedroom community” just a few miles outside of Boise and tucked into the muscular arms of the foothills surrounding the broad river basin valley of the City of Trees.

I dithered back and forth on doing this bazaar for a number of reasons, here’s the list:

I’d really rather be in my craft room making something new but as I pretty much make whatever sounds interesting and a challenge, sometimes my creations are items I can’t easily sell from my Etsy site due to size, weight, etc. so, what to do with these items?

Though I’ve sold my art all over the US and to many foreign destinations, I’m not sure if Idaho knows I’m in the craft business, so I hoped for some local exposure.

Connections.  Because I love spending so much time in my craft room I think I may have allowed myself to drift into a slow moving backwater, time to see what the mainstream is up to.


So I listed out my potential inventory, decided I could reasonably stock a booth and committed myself to the craft fair presented by “Two Chicks in a Barn”.  Cute name, huh?  So this is my booth, I had a banner made (I’m official now) and with the help (lots of help) from my hubby, I was in bazaar business.


I made a few new friends, the gals who had booths to either side of me.  It seems I wasn’t the only first timer at this booth thing or using the “Square” card readers.  Both turned out to be easier than feared.

In all it was a good experience, I might even do it again.  Did I come away with any profound knowledge about myself or life?  Quotes like “old dogs…” and “never to old…” come to mind but as they both incorporate the word “old” I think I’ll toss those out because, yes, I might be old(er) but what a bunch of crap.  I don’t see age, or life for that matter, that way. I hoped I would make some sales, which I did.  I (felt) the possibility of connections, though time will show what kind those may turn out to be. Did any of those large, unlistable on Etsy items sell – no.  But I got to bask in a steady stream of compliments, laugh with browsers when they got my quirky sense of humor that frequently comes out in my art, especially the Halloween stuff.  I sat in Fall sunshine, watched the diversity of people and saw a perfect day slide from morning to evening.

Now, go Craft On.

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