Speaking of Spiders

Yeah! It’s almost October – I’m so excited.  Really, no kidding, it’s my favorite month.  I love the colors of Fall, the relief from the summer heat, the change of seasons, and mostly, I love Halloween.  What a fun holiday to decorate for.  While I don’t go in for the truly gross blood and guts decor (though to each his own, here) and I’m not into the “cutsie” stuff much either (again, whatever blows your hair back baby)  I really enjoy looking at all of it and I can’t wait to see what imaginative minds will come up with this year to celebrate this most awesome of holidays.

This is also the time of year my Etsy shop is really rolling, between my Halloween Apothecary Cabinets (example below) and …


… my Black Widow Spiders, I’m as happy as a witch with a new wand.

Now, just yesterday one of my Etsy customers gave me an interesting challenge .  They asked if I could make a spider that was only 1.5 cm in size.  I gotta say, that is super small folks!  After a few false starts, I think I nailed it.  This tiny terror with legs as thin as hair, came in at exactly 1.5 cm. I can hardly pick it up without bending those skinny little legs but she’s perfect, right down to the red hourglass on her abdomen.


Her large friend to the right is actually one of my “regular” Black Widows which is the same size as a real B.W., just for a sense of scale.  I’ve mailed these beauties all over the world from Japan to Ireland, from Australia to Norway my ladies really get around (I’m so proud).  And to think it all started with me needing spiders to go on a set of Witches Hats I was making for a Halloween table display.


I couldn’t find anything that wasn’t extremely unrealistic – so I made my own !  Oh yes, these lovelies come in regular size, large size and there’s even Albino (or ghost spiders), and now I have a new addition – micro Black Widows. What would you do with one of my ladies?

Happy October all – now Craft On!

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