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Black & (925) Silver Bakelite Bracelet, Earring Set

Happy July 1st everyone!  As usual, time is just zipping by.  I’ve been making Spirit Shrines (I think we can all use a moment of serenity and calming right now) and catching up on replacing some of my other handmade pieces that are selling and leaving a gap in my inventory (nib storage, kitten knobs, black widow spider props and more).  I’m certainly not complaining but it sure is keeping me busy.

Today though, I’ve finally got some Vintage jewelry listed that I’ve been wrestling with for sometime.


This is a set of Bakelite from around the 40’s.  I found these in a ‘Boutique’ thrift store, they were pretty expensive but I thought they were just so unique I had to have them.  But when I tried to track down a maker or even some similar pieces so I could get a better idea of age, price, etc. – nothing I found was even close.  There was a tiny little deeply embossed mark on all three pieces but I couldn’t quite make out what it said it was just so small.  So I put these away until I could find someone who knew more about Bakelite than I did.

Finally, when a new Antique store opened a few months back in a neighboring town I went to check them out.  The owners are wonderful people with a delightful store packed with goodies, but their specialty is Antique/Vintage jewelry.  On my first trip we ended up chatting for over an hour as we discussed their travels that included homes and shops on both coasts and a few in between and their deep love affair with collectible jewelry.  I asked if they might take a look at my Bakelite set and they very kindly said they would be happy to help me identify what I had.

Yesterday I stopped back in to show them my find.  My instincts have been validated – I love it when that happens.  That little embossed mark?  It says 925, real silver, YES.  No maker though, which isn’t that unusual for Bakelite, but they were able to make my day with the assurance these were a rare set and if I decided not to list them in my shop they would love to add them to their own shop’s Bakelite section.


There is a lot going for these beauties:  they’re sexy black Bakelite which is a difficult color to find.  They have lovely Art Nouveau lines AND those sensuous lines are studded with real 925 silver – wow!  And on top of all that – it’s a set.  One bracelet and a matching pair of post earrings.


The silver hinge on this ‘cuff’ or ‘clamper’ bracelet works perfectly.  All of these pieces are in excellent condition.  But the color combo – black with silver studs – that’s what makes these pieces so very desirable.  This set would probably go with half of the clothes in your closet including casual wear, work clothes or that special little black dress – wouldn’t these be stunning!


I love the lines on this jewelry, absolutely elegant.  Bakelite collectors will spot these in a second and quietly drool into their wine.

Here’s the listing link:  Black Bakelite Clamper & Earring Set

I’m so excited to finally get these listed in my shop and make new friends who are so knowledgeable about collectible jewelry, talk about your win, win.  What a great way to start a fresh month.

I hope your July is off to a great start, too.  Take care, stay well and check in often to see what’s new. – Kriss


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