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Handmade Wood & Stained Glass Shrine, Nicho, Shadowbox

Welcome to a new week and a new listing in my Etsy shop – Old Raven.

I recently posted about finding a nice stash of wonderfully aged wood and I’ve been having a great time turning this wood into Nichos (shrines).


This is my second shrine, it features a nice mix of Historic Mexican Nichos with the aged silver cross, beads and candle holders and a touch of the European influence of stained glass and a peaked roof.


This cross is cleverly made of old Antique silverware with a Vintage brooch at the center.  You know how I love to upcycle!


My “stained glass” is acetate panels, alcohol inks and black acrylic paint but it came out just the way I wanted and added a nice color punch to this project.


I’m having so much fun with this old wood.  It’s wonderful to work with – all that lovely patina of age – yummmmm.


Though I love how the candles add a flickering of light and that “votive” touch to this piece I added them with the possibility that some may prefer a more austere look, so if you don’t want the lights/candle holders, then just take them out.

Wouldn’t this make a wonderful backdrop for your Christmas Nativity scene?

Just click to go to the listing in my shop where you can see more pictures and read a far more detailed description:  Wood & Stained Glass Shrine

And while some of us were working…


…others, not so much.

I hope you’re staying well and keeping active.  Step out and get some sunshine or feel the soft patter of summer rain on your face.  I’m so happy you stopped in to see me. – Kriss

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