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Pretty Bird on Melamine Salad Plates x 4

Howdy everybody (Idaho is in the West, after all).  How’re y’all doin’?  Actually, an Idaho accent is notable for its TOTAL lack of accent, I don’t know who I was channeling there.  Now that that’s out of my system… here’s what’s new in my eBay shop.  Yep, I’ve got an eBay shop too (ravenstash) and I’m finding more and more great things to list there that don’t quite fit the Etsy store.  And these lovely plates are up next.


So how many of you remember when melamine or Melmac first came out?  I think my first encounter was the late 50’s.  With five kids in my family I’m sure my folks burned a trail to the nearest store to stock our dish shelves with melamine.

Well, as frequently happens with fashion, melamine has come back into style.  You can find melamine in the dollar store up to more exclusive shops like William Sonoma, Pottery Barn and Neiman Marcus – to name just a few.

These plates do not actually have a maker’s mark on them and they are a bit on the thinner side but isn’t the pattern wonderful?  I instantly fell for the pretty bird in olive greens and yellow with the bright yellow blossoms scattered behind.  They look like they’ve all been hand-painted by a watercolor artist.


At 9″ these plates would make nice large salad plates or smaller, dainty dinner plates.  But underneath it all, the best selling point for melamine is they are tough!  These plates will travel out to the pool or picnic table with no worries.

Here’s the link to these items in my eBay store ravenstash:


Take a quick look before these birdies fly away.

As always, thank you so much for checking in. – Kriss

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