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Louis Sherry New York Truffle Tin

Hi and Good Morning, Afternoon or Evening (where did I catch you at?).

Isn’t it funny how things go in waves?  Especially at the 2nd Hand Stores and Estate Sales.  Recently it’s been pretty boxes and tins.

Ages ago when taking a trip, leaving your small rural town and visiting a ” big city”, some place like Chicago or New York, meant taking home one or two souvenirs (the most you could afford) of such a momentous event.  Things like these beautiful tins of chocolates were frequently and lovingly carried back home.


Louis Sherry candies of New York began delighting locals and visitors alike in 1881.  Though the candies were no doubt quickly devoured… the tins were kept and treasured as keepsakes of a memorable event.



Both the front and the back share this lovely vignette of violet flowers, heart-shaped ivy leaves and Art Nouveau gold framing.


The lid is hinged so access to the tin is very easy.  These old tins make the perfect solution to storing smaller items or little collections.  This tin is in exceptionally good condition.

Now listed and ready for your perusal in my shop Old Raven on Etsy – here’s the link:

We never make New Year’s Resolutions  here in my house (probably couldn’t remember them if we did) but we did have a few things planned.  Hubby is an instructor for a local college so he enjoys a nice long break at this time of year.  Of course, he can’t just sit back and relax the whole time so this year’s project is a master bath makeover.

We built our house in 1999 and at the time we thought a specialty ‘soaking’ tub/shower combination was the way to go.

Times change and now we just want a really nice shower.  The new modular shower is on order, as is a totally awesome shower panel with more jets and sprays than a water park.  A new light over the area has already been installed (what a difference that made).  And, in couple of weeks the old gets ripped out and the new gets installed, all by hubby, and what a savings that is!  I can’t wait… I’m a true water baby and this is going to be heaven.

What’s new in your year? – Kriss

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