New In The Shop

Normally, I’m posting on my latest creations but lately all I’ve been working on is replacement items that are selling out in my shop.  Lots of Black Widow Spiders have been going into the mail recently (in June?, yep – they sell year round).

50 of the “regular” or actual sized black widows and 20 of the large black widows just came out of production to refill my shops open stock.  Whew – that’s a lot of Spiders!

And then there was a rush on my “Kitten Knobs”…


… they’re so glossy it’s hard to get a picture without glare spots, but you get the idea.  Three sets of nine are now finished and the kittens are restocked, too.

And as I mentioned in my last post, I’ve been working on building my Antique Joseph Gillott Nib stock and now have 12 different nib sizes and styles for the calligrapher connoisseur to choose from.

But in between the shop stock up, I’ve been working on making these wonderful little nib storage tins.


I’ve got eight of the 12 nib models available finished.  I’ve made a point to purchase nibs that are still in their original 100 year old box because as you can see, those boxes were really quite beautiful.  I photo the box, fuss and shrink the size until it will fit properly on these little tins.


The tins are like small (2″ x 1″ x 1/4″) mint tins.  The lid portion slides open but they close securely with a ‘snap’!  These tins are great for storing small things like these nibs that can easily become lost.  They also help to keep your nibs organized as most aficionados have a multitude and variety of nibs, but usually, all in a messy disorganized pile.


So, as I purchase a new box of Antique nibs I’m also making these storage tins to go with the nibs for those who like things nice neat.  (Nibs without the tins can still be purchased separately for those who wish it.)


But the nib tins are a tiny work of art that are faithful reproductions of the original boxes.  Even the bottom of the box is matched on the bottom of the tin.


These tins can be dropped into a purse, pocket or bag and off they go with you.  They travel well without worrying about them opening and scattering little nibs everywhere.


There’s plenty of styles to choose from and even if you’re not into the Antique nibs necessarily, they will hold the modern versions, too, but with the elegance of a time gone by.

20190529_155021 (2)

I will continue to offer more and more of these unique storage tins as I add to my stock of Antique Gillott nibs.

20190529_152108 (2)

Most buyers are collectors who keep these beautiful little boxes to themselves – I’m so glad to have found a way to share these small wonders with everyone!  They make great pill boxes and stash boxes, too.


And, as a final FYI – I will also be offering some tins of other well known pen nib makers such as Esterbrook, Hunt, Spencerian, etc. – in the future.  So be sure to keep watch  in my shop’s “Calligraphy & Pen Items” category for the latest additions.  You can click here to go see whats new right now:  https://www.etsy.com/shop/OldRaven?ref=seller-platform-mcnav&section_id=23890071

And now for the Bella and Smokey fans – a couple of new critters are (temporarily) added to the home scene – California Quail.


Yes, I’m sure you’ve all seen those adorable little quail pecking their way through your neighborhood with their cute top knot head decor.  But this spring, we had a couple make their nest in our rosemary plant in the garden.


Bella, the dog, gave us our first clue that something was in there by staring intently at the rosemary and when we looked close to see what she was looking at – a quail exploded out of the bush.


Do you see the nest?  Neither did we.  These two really know how to tuck a nest away even when it’s on a well traveled pathway.


By pulling a branch or two back out of the way, finally, we were able to see the nest.  At last count we were up to 15 eggs!


They’re not the best pictures, sorry, but I have to work fast.  Just a quick click, click, while momma is off the nest.  And believe me, trying to tell if she’s on the nest before disturbing her is a real trick!

We have no idea when the egg laying started so we’re not at all sure when they’ll hatch but it should be somewhere in the next 14 days.  I can’t wait to look out my window and see a flock of baby quail scurrying about my backyard. This has been a real special treat for us.



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