An Old Raven just flew in …

I sell on Etsy

I bet every other beginning blogger says “this is my first blog and I’m a little nervous” so I’ll skip over that part.  Why am I writing a blog?  Because I’m a crafter, and a lot of what I’ve learned over the years is because someone else was willing to share a tip or technique or just some pictures of their latest project and from those things my creative muse gear was engaged and I was off and crafting.

I’ve had a “brick & mortar” shop, a booth at a local weekend market and tried numerous consignment stores (ugh) but found my perfect selling platform with Etsy (online marketplace for handmade & vintage goods) and (guess I should mention my Etsy shop’s name is Old Raven) AND after a number of years there successfully growing my craft I thought I might finally have a few ideas worth sharing.  So here goes “Old Raven Creates” is now open and if I can just figure out how to work all the bells and whistles on this site I’ll be starting off with my first “how-to” for making Vintage Faux Tooled Leather.


I’ll add a little pic here to get you going, but the step by step instructions will be in my next posting which shouldn’t be too far away, so if you’re interested, check back and see what you think.  Till then – Craft On.

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