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Great New Listings on Old Cool Things

Welcome.  I hope this finds you well and filling your day with something fun and/or interesting.  I’ve got three of my latest listings to show you, lets go…


First up…this is a Vintage (c1940’s) Cigarette Box that’s also a Music Box.  I love this piece, all that gorgeous inlaid wood and that border is actually little tiny squares of wood inset like the smallest mosaic you’ve ever seen.


But when you open it up, two carved wood trays serve up ten cigarettes each.  Don’t smoke cigs?, how about for all you who partake in the pleasure of cannabis – this would keep those blunts and joints in very classy style.  Upper tray Sativa, lower tray Indica?


…and remember…it’s a music box, too!  Open the lid and Isola di Capri comes tinkling out.


But for me, it’s all about the inlay on this piece – beautiful classic handmade craftsmanship!

Vintage Inlaid Wood Cigarette Box


My next listing covers the ‘precious’ find for the week.  This is a Vintage Lusterware Child’s Tea Set.  It’s just so bright and cheerful.


Every piece is in excellent condition, too.  Wouldn’t this make a cute little display perched on some books, add a doily and maybe an old doll? Too cute.

Child’s Lusterware Tea Set


Today’s last listing is this fabric from Puritan Mills, a textile company from the late 1800’s to the early mid 1900’s.  It’s stamped “Guaranteed Puritan Print” and “Design Virginia”.  This fabric is very rare to come by and this piece is over 5½” yards long in one continuous piece.  Usually, you find maybe a yard or two at most.


Doesn’t it look like these dogwood blossoms are just free floating on the teal background?

This is nice heavy upholstery or curtain fabric and with that many yards…there’s a lot of projects in here.

Puritan Dogwood “Virginia” Fabric

Well, that’s it for today.  For those who are wondering “when will we see another crafting blog post?”.  Hopefully, soon.  I’ve steadily been in the craft room but believe it or not, I’m STILL making black widow spiders…over 150 of them to be exact.  I’m not sure what everyone’s doing with these little beauties but I’ve been having non-stop orders for my spiders.  Every time I think I’ve got caught up – another wave comes through and we’re not even close to October yet.

I’m not complaining, just attempting to excuse my lack of craft posts since this IS suppose to be a crafting blog, too.  I hope your enjoying the Vintage posts, at least, and that my blog gives you a moment away from life’s current pressures.

Forget about problems for a while, they’ll still be there later.  For now, just do something for you…maybe a little online shopping?  Or maybe you’ve got a craft room, too.  Go play.  –  Kriss

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