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DIY Mosaic Nine Drawer Chest – Part 2

Good (Morning, Afternoon, Evening) Everyone. I’ve been getting quite a bit done on my Mosaic project in the last few days.  I love spending hours in my craft room and with the ‘stay home’ order in effect – I don’t even have to feel a bit guilty about it – talk about silver lining.  … Continue reading DIY Mosaic Nine Drawer Chest – Part 2


A Paper Crafters Take on Tiffany Stained Glass “Fancy Goods”

Louis Comfort Tiffany – a name synonymous with the pinnacle of beauty in the stained glass world. He created and produced art in the late 1800s to the early 1900s and was one of the main driving gears for the “Art Nouveau” movement.  For many, Tiffany’s fame was stained glass windows, but he also made… Continue reading A Paper Crafters Take on Tiffany Stained Glass “Fancy Goods”


Holographic Halloween Pumpkin

These lighted plastic pumpkins can be found in the seasonal section of most craft stores.  But for the best deal, try looking at garage sales where sooner or later you’re bound to find a pumpkin or two at bargain basement prices.  Who knows, dig around in your own Halloween decorations, you’ll probably find one of… Continue reading Holographic Halloween Pumpkin