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Vintage Lead Miniature Donkeys and Ore Cart

HELLO and welcome back! I just finished listing this set of lead miniature figures in my Etsy shop Old Raven – aren’t they cute? And they’re SO tiny.  But look at the detail, the donkeys are hand painted in gray with brown accenting on their highly textured fur.  They both have red strapping and the… Continue reading Vintage Lead Miniature Donkeys and Ore Cart


1932 Greenwood Bookkeeping Ledger – UNUSED!

Happy weekend to one and all. Today I have something really unusual newly listed in my shop Old Raven on Etsy. This is an accounting ledger by The Greenwood Company out of Chicago.  This book is a very large hardbound with brass screws to allow the covers to be removed and new or used pages… Continue reading 1932 Greenwood Bookkeeping Ledger – UNUSED!


Ding Dong – “It’s The Fuller Brush Man”

Good Morning, Afternoon and Evening. I’m bringing back memories today.  “Ding Dong – It’s The Fuller Brush Man” was a radio jingle as well as a reality.  I remember hearing this when I was child and either mom would go to answer the door prepared to restock or she’d send one of kids to tell… Continue reading Ding Dong – “It’s The Fuller Brush Man”


Kanto Miniature Binoculars, Vintage 1967-1977

Welcome everyone to my Monday blog post. Today I have a neat pair of Vintage binoculars to show you.  These guys are really tiny, only about 3″ wide! The brand is Kanto, a Japan manufacturer who made binoculars from 1967 to 1977.  Yes, these still work, too. But what a great accent piece for your… Continue reading Kanto Miniature Binoculars, Vintage 1967-1977


Early 1900’s Promotional Desk Organizer

Welcome to one all. Today’s shop offering is a wonderful old brass desk organizer. This piece might have been overlooked by quite a few people before someone with the curiosity of a cat (me) picked it up and opened the lid. I love this kind of surprise.  Look at all these cool old tools!  Little… Continue reading Early 1900’s Promotional Desk Organizer


Noise Makers- Happy New Years Retro Style

Welcome to my Friday blog post. Today I’m featuring NOISE MAKERS.  Yes, I really felt the need to shout that but it’s appropriate, don’t you think?   Are you hosting a New Years Eve party this year?  Is it just going to be a ‘come as you are’ party, more formal, or maybe you like… Continue reading Noise Makers- Happy New Years Retro Style