The Bidet – It’s Not Just For Europe Anymore

Hello everyone.  Like everyone else, my husband and I are ‘sheltering in place’ – we haven’t gone to full quarantine here in Boise, yet. But one thing that became immediately apparent across the country is the lack of toilet paper.  This sounds a little comic on the surface but of course, it’s pretty serious if… Continue reading The Bidet – It’s Not Just For Europe Anymore

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Antique Domed Funnel Top Inkwell

Welcome! Today, I’ve listed in my Etsy shop Old Raven a lovely Antique find … an Antique glass inkwell. This style was popular from the late 1800’s thru the early 1900’s.  It’s called a Safety Inkwell because even if you knock it over – it’s not going to spill ink everywhere. This was an ingenious… Continue reading Antique Domed Funnel Top Inkwell


My Version of an Antique Toy Ship (and how I discovered a cool way to make miniature wrought iron fencing)

A few blogs back I mentioned I was working on a project featuring an Antique Toy Ship.  I have to admit, this project started out slow and then stopped completely for a while.  Let me explain: I was surfing through the Antiques section of my local Craigslist and saw a picture of an amazing toy… Continue reading My Version of an Antique Toy Ship (and how I discovered a cool way to make miniature wrought iron fencing)


1932 Greenwood Bookkeeping Ledger – UNUSED!

Happy weekend to one and all. Today I have something really unusual newly listed in my shop Old Raven on Etsy. This is an accounting ledger by The Greenwood Company out of Chicago.  This book is a very large hardbound with brass screws to allow the covers to be removed and new or used pages… Continue reading 1932 Greenwood Bookkeeping Ledger – UNUSED!


Ding Dong – “It’s The Fuller Brush Man”

Good Morning, Afternoon and Evening. I’m bringing back memories today.  “Ding Dong – It’s The Fuller Brush Man” was a radio jingle as well as a reality.  I remember hearing this when I was child and either mom would go to answer the door prepared to restock or she’d send one of kids to tell… Continue reading Ding Dong – “It’s The Fuller Brush Man”


Kanto Miniature Binoculars, Vintage 1967-1977

Welcome everyone to my Monday blog post. Today I have a neat pair of Vintage binoculars to show you.  These guys are really tiny, only about 3″ wide! The brand is Kanto, a Japan manufacturer who made binoculars from 1967 to 1977.  Yes, these still work, too. But what a great accent piece for your… Continue reading Kanto Miniature Binoculars, Vintage 1967-1977