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This Week’s New Listings

Greetings to one and all.

Well, I spent a great deal of my week replacing my Spider stock.

I do normally sell some black widows all year around, but I’ve been selling a lot of these guys this Spring. And all three varieties, too, the regular true-to-life size, the large and the albinos – strange, but there’s no figuring the market and I’m good with the relaxing task of listening to documentaries while I whip out a hundred spiders or so (I think at this point, I can make my spiders while asleep).

But I have been busy photographing my new (old) stock, too.

This was a great find in a boutique thrift store…a set of six Hitchcock Drawer Pulls. In 1818 Lambert Hitchcock, son of American Revolutionary War Veteran John Lee Hitchcock, opened his furniture store ‘Hitchcock Chairs Company’ in (then) Hitchcocksville – now Riverton Connecticut.

He produced 15,000 + chairs a year, as well as bed tables, chests of drawers, mirror shelves and much more. These knobs were salvaged from a a chest of drawers. While the chairs are still plentiful, the chests are not and the drawer pulls are very hard to come by. These pulls have wonderful patina, too.

This is another fine blast from the past…this is a glass ring box and isn’t it gorgeous?!? I love the ornate detail on this little beauty.

But here’s the kicker…Antique ring boxes are fairly easy to find but this one has an etched monogram and there’s a date on the lid, as well. To actually be able to specifically date this item like this is incredibly rare.

Another beautiful glass piece, this is from the 1970’s. It’s a blown glass art vase and I’m loving the colors here. This picture shows the vase with a light behind it so you can see all the swirls that look like a galaxy spinning far away.

This piece is signed and dated, too: Gray ’79

Of course, it wouldn’t be a proper blog post without some Antique nibs involved. A new offering is this very rare small (like a quarter gross) box of Spencerian No. 1 with nibs.

The Antique Gillott Nib Cards are always popular for collectors, this Crow Quill Card is in especially fine condition.

This is a full set of Antique Gillott Magnum Barrel Pens No. 226 Medium Point. The condition here is wonderful – another great find for the collector.

And last but not least, have you ever seen Gillott’s “Rugby” nibs before. I haven’t! These are out of the School Pen line and they’re a nice medium point – all in excellent condition of course.

And that’s a wrap. I spent a few hours yesterday taking photos of more items that will be listed in the coming week. I’m starting to fall a bit behind and my incoming Antique and Vintage shop stock is growing faster than I can get things listed so I’m really going to have to buckle down and get as many ‘new’ listings photographed and listed as fast as I can!!!

And somewhere in there I’ve still got to make some new pen nib storage books and chests ’cause these things are smokin’ right now.

Hope you’re staying busy, too. Kriss

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