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Welcome to my latest post. Today I’m covering all the newest listing that have recently been added to my Etsy shop “Old Raven”. Lots of pretty pictures to look at with very little ‘talk’ – it’s just a quickie today.

Calligraphy pen & ink wasn’t just for writing 100 years ago, they were frequently put to use drawing. This bird is a classic example of what is sometimes refer to as Spencerian Art.

This bird was finished in navy ink as well as sepia/brown ink and there’s also some decorative grasses done in green ink and brown and everything is highlighted in gold ink.

But this is sort of a ‘twofer’ as this lovely bird is set in a “Tramp Art” frame. The name tramp art is, however, totally misleading as that was a name attached to this style of wood crafting somewhere in the 60s when the actual wood craft was made between the late 1890s to the 1940s and was created by ordinary wood crafters with very few pieces actually being made by ‘tramps’ of the day.

The back of the frame is covered in old Boston newspaper. I simply love when some ‘everyday’ item is upcycled into art, I think if you were diligent you could probably find out exactly when this frame (and maybe the bird, too) were made.

Get ready for a photo blitz, now. This is just the beginning of the latest Antique nibs I’ve recently listed in my shop, Old Raven on Etsy. My collection of Gillott nibs has leap frogged into the lead…

…I stock many of the popular Gillott varieties, as well as the truly hard to find models.

I spend a lot of time searching the net, hitting Estate Sales and following obscure auction sites in an effort to increase my supply of Antique Gillott nibs.

In all my research I’ve not been able to nail down just how many different nib styles Gillott actually made over 100 years ago, but it’s my personal challenge to see how many I can gather together and included in my shop inventory.

However, upon occasion I do come across the opportunity to purchase some of the other highly collectible and desirable Antique nib models and brands. Though Gillott is acknowledge to be the top pen nib maker of his day, there were of course, other makers that closely rivaled Gillott for the nib market. Zanerian was one of those.

And these old nibs and boxes are greatly favored by todays calligraphers/collectors.

I’m always happy to find something truly unique and this Inkspoon certainly qualifies. The back of the tin has the directions as to how to use this strange nib – but I still can’t quite see it working – so weird, right?

Remember the six-drawer nib storage chest I recently made and listed? Gone. So here’s another if you missed your chance at the first one.

This one is finished in a truly gorgeous paper that has a very old-fashioned vibe going.

But underneath the pretty glittery accents, it’s just like the first chest – all business when it comes to safely storing and organizing hundreds of your valuable pen nibs.

Sometimes I end up buying ‘lot’ auctions. There might be just one of two things in a pile of old odds and ends, but buried amongst the debris is a treasure or two. This beautiful Antique Spencerian box was such a find! It’s in absolutely amazing condition. This one won’t last long.

And while we’re on the subject of Spencerian, I’ve been trying to restock my Spencerian No1 nibs (one of the Dream Points) and I bought two separate lots of partial boxes in order to beef up my supply. Neither box is in great shape but one of these will fill the hole in your collection until you can trade up.

Well, okay. That’s the latest highlights of new listings on Old Raven on Etsy. I didn’t try to show all the things I’ve listed recently, there’s plenty more, but hopefully you’ve seen something here today that peaked your interest. If you’re curious about the other things you might have missed or want to see and read a bit more about something shown above – follow the link:

Now it’s time to get back to work – wait till you see the next round I’ve got coming up!

Take Care All – Kriss

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