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Okay – what happened to the month of April? I mean seriously…this is the last week of April and I thought I just turned the calendar page from March a couple of days ago. Sheesh.

Well, let’s just make the best of it, then. How about some nice pictures…

Two points for the person who can tell me what this is actually called. I love the look of it…all that glossy black with gold accenting and on the top of the lid there’s pictures of Saints. What a unique little accent piece this would be.

The top actually screws off and the inside is lined. I’m thinking this is maybe for Holy Oil or Holy Water? For those of us that may be less reverent, I think this would make a fabulous trinket box. What ever it is – I love the look of it.

These are a pair of Antique Dutch Plated Silver Candlesticks. They are covered in a very popular theme of Dutch Folk going about daily life. I know there are collectors out there that dedicate their entire mantles or whole shelves to their collection of these Folk Scene candlesticks. (Imagine 20 of these with varying tapers burning at once – gorgeous.)

You can see the reason for the popularity with this closeup – these are amazingly detailed! I’ve left the original patina (mostly because I love that) but it wouldn’t take much to bring these to a gleaming silver high polish.

This is a Vintage Ely Hannah Wood Carving. Isn’t he wonderful? It’s truly an art to make what appears to be rather crude cuts and yet capture such astounding depth of character.

You just know this guy has some stories to tell.

Many of you know I have a large section of my shop dedicated to calligraphy and writing supplies but this may well be one of the most unique pen holders I’ll ever present. It features Teddy Roosevelt in his Rough Riders persona – but – the base and the character is hand carved from lignite coal. Another fun fact: lignite coal is what the gemstone Jet is made from. I couldn’t find another thing like this anywhere out there – wild!

This is an egg trinket box. Though there is a huge selection of these to choose from this one is a bit different in that it is 4½” tall (bigger than most) and the lid opens more towards the top so you can store more in the egg AND it is lined in satin. But look at all those lovely little Chinese folk on there living and learning about life.

Moon Beam clocks have been around a long time but this one is the perfect pink to fit into your Shabby Chic décor. Moon Beam clocks are called that because they have a light inside that gently glows just enough to see the clock face in the dark…a sweet little night light clock.

These were my best find this last week. Three matching Royal Crownford Ironstone Pitchers with the Daisy on the handle – all in that gorgeous, go with anything, off white.

These are by Arthur Wood of England where most of what you find is the newer version of Falconware which is nice, but the collectors love the Arthur Wood stuff.

But to find three pitchers in excellent condition AND in graduating sizes – talk about instant collection!!!

Well, that’s all the listings I was able to get up this week. If you see something you like just click to go to my shop:

I’ve been in my craft room this week, too. I’ll be posting a “how to” on a neat new nib storage unit that will have six drawers to safely hold and organize your nibs.

And speaking of nibs…for all you Joseph Gillott fans out there, I just made the biggest private purchase I’ve ever made and all of it is Gillott nib stock. It’s going to take a while to get it all photographed and listed but check in frequently because I’m going to get it into the shop as fast as I can. There’s some really rare and unique models in this batch.

Okay – time to wrap it up. Thank you for browsing my blog today. I hope to see again soon.

Take care and be safe, Kriss

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