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“Spring” Over to Old Raven On Etsy

Hello, I’m so happy you’re here!

Today I’m here to show you some pictures of the latest additions to my Etsy shop. Lets GO –

Aren’t these fab? Three matching Vintage coffee/tea pots in solid brass. These would make such a cool display. I left the original patina on them (some folks prefer that) but you could polish these up with ease and they’d gleam like gold.

I found 28 of these little Vintage beauties! How nice to actually be able to finish the entire project without trying to track down those last few knobs you need only to find the models don’t match.

This 3″ tall wood shipping container went through the mail around 1910. The original shipping label is still intact! I love things like this – it’s like holding a time machine in your hand.

This is a Vintage Norwegian Bell Pull or Klokkestreng. It’s beautifully handmade in a long or Bargello stitch. The brass ends on this piece are amazing and they weigh a ton. This piece is worth buying for the bell pull hardware alone.

Who doesn’t like the idea of a treasure chest full of jewels? This Vintage MOP and brass chest is lined in purple velvet and it makes a great jewelry box. Can’t you just see all your own lovely necklaces, bracelets and the odd tiara spilling out of this little beauty? This would work great for ‘stashing’ just about anything.

I had a hard time letting go of this one because I love dragons. This little pill box is a fine example of the art of cloisonné. On a background of Chinese red, this dragon writhes among the clouds. There is incredible detail work here.

Anybody out there worship the grape? Thought so. This is an authentic Riedel Ultra Magnum Decanter and at the average retail price of $325 this German crystal decanter doesn’t show up on too many tables. How about one at half the price?

Beautiful segmented, inlaid, lathe turned wood. This bowl is gorgeous! Every time I look at it I see the incredible art of Native American basket weaving somehow turned in to solid wood – is it just me?

And of course, it wouldn’t be Old Raven if I didn’t have something in the calligraphy supplies line. I’m especially happy to add two new (Antique) Joseph Gillott’s pen nibs to my ever-growing selection of fine writing supplies. NOTE: The four 389 Engrossing nibs is all there is and since they were made over 100 years ago – don’t wait too long.

Did you see anything you likes? Here’s the link to my shop if you want to get more details on any of the items shown above:

I’d like to end this post with a peek at my backyard. Spring is barely making it’s break from Winter but my birdfeeders are always busy. But lately, we’ve had a couple of surprise guests – a pair of Mallards have found a bounty of cracked corn on the ground that the songbirds tend to kick out as they root for the smaller seeds.

But this was my favorite part…after they finished dinner they waddled over to my little bird bath pond and both jumped right in! There was barely enough room but they made it work. Nature is the best show on earth.

Thanks for joining me today. Be safe. – Kriss

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