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More New Listings and Lots of Sales – Cha Ching!

Hello and a big welcome to old friends and new.

You might be wondering about the “feature image” above, well, this week was a milestone week for folks in Boise, Idaho. This week, one year ago, Covid 19 wrapped it’s gnarly fingers of fear around the throat of my home town and social distancing became a new term in our everyday lives with plenty more ‘new’ features to come. That little chalkboard is built into a cabinet in my craft room where I usually make notes on present or future projects, but that day I heard on the radio as I crafted that social distancing was to begin – so I wrote it down. And there it’s been for a year.

I’m not going to go into a whole thesis on what I’ve observed from that one-year-ago week to this, but I would like to say that fear is one of the strongest motivating factors in our lives. It can cause us to do miraculous and brave things, and conversely, fear can make us mean with anger. I know we all just want to get beyond these days but I hope, at some point before the opportunity is lost, that everyone look back and take stock – because I’m worried, there’s too much fear and anger speaking for “the people”. We can’t go back and fix the past so quit asking. Take today, now, and do your best to interact with your fellow (hu)man for who they are and let’s learn the best lesson we can from this Pandemic, life goes on – but it’s up to each one of us, individually, as to whether it’s a better life or not.

Okay, and now for the fun stuff. This is a gorgeous MCM Emerald Green Glass with Gold Accents Decanter with 6 Glasses straight off the Mad Men set. At least, that’s what everyone says when they see this. I think it’s more of a screaming Boho accent piece but that’s what’s so great about it – it’s going to look beautiful no matter where it end’s up calling home.

This is a huge piece of high-quality silk brocade jacquard that is woven (not printed) in an intricate crane and longevity pattern. This is actually a traditional fabric piece, probably originally made for a wedding as it is an inclusive fabric panel and everything from the color to the cranes and center symbol are all featured in a traditional Chinese wedding.

This hand carved wood figurine was probably purchased at a roadside stand in the 40’s when the wealthy American upper middle class was enthusiastically taking World Tours and buying up souvenirs every where they went. But this peasant woman carving shows someone with real talent shaped this piece. My shop listing has a video where you can study her in detail.

And of course, this wouldn’t be a normal blog post if it didn’t have a few calligraphy items. The first is an Antique metal Spencerian tin nib with the original tiger logo (very rare).

Above, is an Antique ink well that has a Bakelite cap and a built in pen rest – clever.

I was lucky enough to run onto a large stash of these cross stitch kits by Calico Crossroads and the artist Kathleen Kelly. Cat lovers out there are laughing and groaning as they recognize many of these scenes. These kits would work up in snap and you could make these into fun hand towels, throw pillows or, my favorite, a quilt!

I’ve been looking for new sources for my stitching kits and have done pretty well with coming up with lots of new stock, which is good because I’ve been selling a lot of them lately. This is, I think, a positive side of the Pandemic – folks are trying things that ordinarily they may not have had time for – such as needlework. There’s a reason it’s been around for millennia folks – it’s fun, relaxing, you get to be creative and you actually have something to have and to hold when it’s all done – yay!!! Think home accents and handmade gifts.

In closing, that note on my little chalkboard? I just went and erased it. – Kriss

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