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A Day In The Life Of Old Raven

Hello – and yay, it’s the weekend!

I’ve been listing items like crazy in my shop, Old Raven on Etsy, and that means I’ve also been photographing, writing descriptions and in general, work, work, work.

But it’s paid off as I’ve had good sales this week and I even got some time in at my favorite Thrift Boutique where I shop as much as I socialize with all the old (like me) ladies who work there.

But I also added a new little friend to my life this week thanks to my cat Smokey.

Hard to believe by this picture but this cat is the supreme huntress and is constantly bringing in ‘gifts’ for mom & dad. Sometimes these gifts are alive and others, well, let’s just say those ones are much easier to catch and put back outside.

The other night I heard Smokey come in (she has her own cat door) and I could tell by the ensuing noises that she had brought a guest. But before will could meet action, I was back to sleep.

Next morning I was at my desk working on listings when I started to hear little tiny noises – chit, chit, chit. What is that? I looked all about, even out the window thinking maybe a bird was on the sill…but no, nothing there.

So back to work.

Then I caught a movement out of the corner of my eye, there, at the curtain tieback.

This little mouse was tucked into the pocket made by the curtain tieback. He just sat there for a bit, looking out the window apparently admiring the view.

I sat wondering just how he managed to get up into the curtains to start with, they don’t touch the floor and are considerably too high for a mouse to jump up into?

Then quick as a wink, (this all started to feel like I was in a children’s story at this point) the mouse popped out of the curtain pocket and went running down the edge.

The mere second that it took me to set my phone down and move to catch my little friend…he was gone!

As catching mice has become second nature around here, I’m sure I’ll get a second chance at him soon, but until then, I’ll enjoy sharing my morning spent with my new little friend.

Oh yeah, for those who may have noticed my skeleton collection on the shelf. As most of you know Halloween is my thing and I’ve got quite a bit of ‘macabre’ décor here and there about the house (if you look close). I found these three fellows at a thrift store, they’re my kind of take on the classic ‘Here No Evil, See No Evil and Speak No Evil’. They sit on a shelf close to my computer where they are an excellent reminder, as I type away, to be wise as I type my thoughts.

I hope you get a bit of Nature into your day today – it makes the soul feel better.

Take care and be safe. – Kriss

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