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Lots of New Things in Old Raven – Come See

Hey Everyone – Welcome!

I’m determined to get my treasures photographed and listed and I’ve SOOOOO many items to get through – here’s the latest to get listed in my Etsy shop Old Raven. Let’s GO….

This is a Vintage “Key Keeper”. I have always loved Tole painting and one of the big names back a couple of decades was Evelyn Wright and yep, you guessed it, this is one of hers! (signed)

This is wall mount unit and that front cover lifts up to show the key storage area. What a great way to keep your keys organized as well as being a lovely decorative accent.

This tiny little thing is a pill box. It’s made of Alpaca silver and abalone shell. It’s very small and will fit in a pocket or purse with ease.

Even though it’s quite small it will hold 4 aspirin – so more than you might think. It will also fashionably hold breath mints, herbals, gum, etc.

This falls under the “precious” category. It’s a Vintage baby blanket from Italy (still in its original package). It’s soft dreamy white, with pink rosebuds and a pastel pink border woven in.

Are you looking for a unique baby shower gift?

And for you Vintage jewelry fans – a very nice set of six MOP bangles. There’s so many ways you could arrange these on your arm(s).

And it’s a nice grouping of widths, too. Mother of Pearl goes with most everything and it’s especially perfect for Summer accenting and taking those blue jeans up a notch.

This listing is a bit outside my wheelhouse but I just couldn’t resist. “My First Record Collection” is filled with rare children’s 45 records that include Disney See, Hear and Read Books in excellent condition.

There’s other ‘classics’…still in there original sleeves. Do any of these look familiar to you? Yeah, thought so.

There is a large selection of CRA records (Children’s Records of America) that cover many aspects of learning such as counting, the alphabet, etc, as well as many nursery rhymes.

43 records in all and all are in this amazing original record storage box. It’s hard to believe something like this has not only made it through time, but through kids, in such excellent condition.

And finally – a quick tour through my latest additions to my ever-growing Antique Joseph Gillott’s pen nib collection. I’m proud to say that Old Raven has the largest selection of Gillott’s available. And I intend to keep adding as I track down more of these increasingly rare items, so be sure to favorite my shop so you can be notified each time I add a new Gillott’s.

All of these nibs are Genuine Antique Gillott’s that are over 100 years old. Though there are plenty of nibs made today it is widely agreed that the Antique nibs are the best for ornate writing as they have the handmade quality craftsmanship that simply isn’t available today. Try a few of these beauties and see what you think.

Now I’m off to walk my dog through the hills and into the wetlands just waking up from Winter and today is actually supposed to reach the high 50s – such a welcome break from freezing temps and watery winter sun. My soul exhales loudly as Spring is a promise about to come true.

Take care all and stay safe please. – Kriss

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