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Eight New Jeweled Easter/Wedding Eggs or Gift Boxes

Hi everyone – how’s your week going? I’ve set myself a blistering pace and managed eight listings AND three blog posts in the last couple of days. (Don’t worry, it can’t last.)

Today I’d like to show you my latest jeweled Easter eggs. I did give you a bit of a preview in my recent post about “how to” ink plain clear rhinestones to color coordinate to projects but this is a quick look at all eight jeweled eggs I recently finished and are now listed in my shop

This one looks very ‘Spring’ to me – and yes, I’m ready for soft grass and warm sun. In the meantime, this would also be a fun St. Patrick’s Day gift and you could fill it with clover confetti or a shamrock necklace!

How about a pearl encrusted egg filled with pearls? This sunny egg is the perfect little jewelry gift box for a bridesmaid or a mother-in-law gift on your special day.

This platinum colored egg is soooo elegant. After filling a crystal bowl with a dozen of my unadorned colorful eggs, placing one of these flashy beauties in there is like a cherry on top.

This one is my ‘forest’ egg. I love the colors. I never really know how these are going to turn out – I’ve used the exact same color combinations on separate eggs and each one is completely different from the other – it’s just a mystery.

This egg is old…not really but the deep old copper color makes it look like it’s covered with a patina of age. The rhinestones are a very light shade of old copper, too, it’s just simple and beautiful.

Ooooooh, blue. This egg was the star of my ‘how to’ blog. Not only did the rhinestones come out perfect on this one…the ink on the egg is absolutely gorgeous. Sometimes the layering comes out where it looks like the depth of the ‘marble’ just keeps on going…

Cobalt blue is always a stunner. This egg is very dramatic and has just a bit of fuchsia glints down deep. The dark blue is very difficult to work with and I always come away with inky fingers that take days to wear off.

Pink!!!! I wish I could have gotten this one done and listed for Valentine’s Day but I just couldn’t quite make it. But this is another one of those eggs that would make the perfect bridesmaid’s gift.

Okay – I’ve blasted through another round of crafting, photographing, listing and blogging! I’m out of here.

Have a good one and stay safe out there. – Kriss

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