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Good Day…isn’t that a nice greeting? It’s old fashioned, I know, but since one never knows when a reader will be joining them it’s really an excellent, all purpose, any time of day way to say Hello! Not to mention you get to channel Regency England while you say it – so – Good Day All.

This week was spent shipping out my OOAK Original Black Widow Spiders (these gals are popular year round), some very nice Vintage drapery fabric, huge orders of Antique Gillott pen nibs, another super huge order of my unique Antique Gillott Nib Tins, the Florentia box that I just listed, a Vintage Lucite napkin holder, a crewel kit and a dozen of my handmade alcohol ink eggs (see pic below).

These are made from the plastic pull-apart eggs and I make them in ‘Pastel’ colors or ‘Jewel’ colors. I also make Wedding Eggs. (There’s a ‘How To’ post in here somewhere that I made a few years back.)

I can make these color-coordinated to your wedding. They’re great for holding little specialty gifts for Mother In Laws or Bridesmaids.

But I also got five new listings up in my shop. So let’s go right to them…

This tiny wood box has such beautiful hand carved decoration. It’s from somewhere in the late 1800’s and I just love this delicate little piece.

This box was made to hold dip pen nibs, it’s so tiny and SO gorgeous! Wouldn’t this look great on your desk?

And speaking of nib holders – this was another rare find…a multi section nib holder. You don’t see these very often.

And just like the previous box, it’s meant to hold those tiny little nibs only this one can get the serious penman organized by sorting their precious nib collection into eight separate compartments. This was a handmade piece that was decorated in an Art Deco style – amazing.

This is a nice Vintage Stoneware set that includes a napkin holder and salt & pepper shakers. But what steals the show is that vibrant cobalt blue and white hand painted design – wowzah!

Any crystal lovers out there? This is a pair of Vintage Gorham of Germany Full Lead Crystal Dove Candleholders. Their condition is absolutely perfect and they still have their original Gorham stickers. These display well with or without candles present.

Cookbooks are always popular but these two Vintage Beta Sigma Phi International cookbooks are especially so. Not only are there 100s of recipes in each book but there’s also plenty of pages explaining cooking techniques, how to use specific tools, what spice to use and why and much, much more. These are cookbooks for those who want to make really good food that family and guests alike will love.

Oh yeah, the lead picture – jewelry. I don’t normally pick up too much jewelry, it’s not exactly my forte and Etsy has sooooo many jewelry listings it’s hard to compete.

However, sometimes I just can’t help myself.

As soon as I can get these sorted out I’ll get them listed, but I just wanted to give you a little teaser. I took them to my local friendly jeweler and my hopes were confirmed…those rings are extremely well made sterling silver pieces of turquoise and the other is larimar. The necklace is silver and the bangles are brass and MOP. My fave…the larimar ring. That color reminds me of some of the opals (my favorite stone) that my hubby has bought me over the years, and I love the shape! So if you see something you like…they’re coming soon.

That’s it for now. Rock and I are off to (hopefully) get our first shot of Covid vaccine today, wish us luck. He’s not only in the over 65 group but he’s also a teacher. Me, I’m a few months short of the big six five but they let me schedule, so we’ll see if I can score.

Please take care of yourself and others (thanks Lester, for the perfect message). – Kriss

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