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Old Raven on Etsy is HOT

Hello to one and all – I hope this post finds you doing well and discovering the good within our unique situation.

Yeah, I agree…some of this has been really tough but overall, I have found moments of introspection that have given me invaluable knowledge…and for those, I’m incredibly grateful. How about you – find any gems of wisdom lately?

Today I would like to catch you up on a few things I’ve recently listed in my shop, I hope you enjoy the pictures. Just click on the link to my shop’s home page and from there you can explore all these new listings as well as hundreds of other fun things you may not know you needed but now you’ll see you can’t live without! (I hope LOL)

First, I want to show you this amazing terracotta bowl with copper lid.

It has been a while since I’ve been able to get into my favorite thrift store but I couldn’t believe what was waiting there for me to find – this is a bowl made by Eugene White, California Pottery, early 1940’s, and it hits all the wow buttons.

That’s a hand-hammered copper lid with a terracotta handle secured with a copper strap, and all with a beautiful patina of age, I love the look of old copper! White was known for using crackle glazes and the lip of the bowl shows nicely with a denim colored glaze.

As the glaze collected more deeply in the bottom of the bowl it became more of a cobalt – yum. I’ve seen other versions of this bowl, but all of them smaller – this one is huge at 14½” across. This piece is for the Collector of California Pottery, truly a rare and unique find.

Next was a large cache of Needlework (Bargello) Needlepoint patterns, but these were exceptional because someone had turned them into kits (probably just filling out the ‘supplies needed’) when they purchased the pattern. These patterns don’t normally come as kits so to get them with the fibers/yarns/floss is great.

Some had all the fibers you’d need, while others just had most of them. I suspect it was whatever was available in the shop at the time the patterns were purchased.

There was quite a pile of them and I could hardly wait to get them home and sort through them, but don’t all those perle cottons, specialty threads and hand-dyeds look tempting?

I ended up with 13 patterns and kits, all listed separately. But my gosh…this was such a fun mess to sort out. There were piles of gorgeous fibers and patterns that made my hands itch to get creative. Every pattern was from a “Quilt Collection” and all of them were too delicious! I’ll show you one more and move on to other things…

This is a Vintage (and probably Antique) Brass Corinthian Column Table Lamp. I say ‘probably’ antique because many Antique brass candlesticks were converted from burning candles to getting wired for electricity which I think is what happened here.

But judging by the ornate, highly detailed work of the brass – it’s unlikely this beauty is anything short of fifty years old and looks far more to having been crafted in another century.

I’ve been listing new things, packaging up sales and running to the post office like a crazy woman. I love the Holiday rush. I wish I had more time to write here, list there and just in general – keep in touch. But whoosh, it’s all going by in rush.

Please take care of yourself and others. Kriss

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