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Miniature Christmas Houses (Putz House) Christmas Village

Well, here it is, the day before Thanksgiving and though we’re not a “traditional” household here, we still have fun with the Holidays.

I’m sure you’ve noticed, where ever you are, that Christmas seems to be arriving early this year. Like a topical salve of joy we’re all applying to our wounded hearts – Christmas, and its collective happiness and goodwill, is here to help us in hour of need.

And I’m good with that. Let the lights, sleigh bells, tinsel and magic roll!

Every year I make a few Putz houses for Christmas. Personally, I’m not thrilled about the original Vintage name – Putz? – but miniature houses are sort of ‘all season’ so Putz it is.

Glittery Gothic Putz House

Okay, I just wanted to get this out there right off the bat. Believe it or not, this is exactly the same house model as the one in the feature picture – what a difference paper variations can make.

Still, I had a blast making this house out of a large collection of glitter paper. You can also see that this little house has a lot of applied detail as every different color of paper is a separate cut piece.

These houses are strong, too, as there is a framed house of chipboard under the fancy papers.

I wasn’t sure this was going to make it as a Christmas house though until I added the lights. I’m sure we all have a house like this in our neighborhood. You know, the folks who defy all logic and paint their home some eye watering color? But then at some certain season of year, maybe a particular Holiday, that house is just the right color after all.

But like all Putz Houses, it’s at night, when you turn on the lights and the warm glow spills out through the tiny windows… Christmas is here.

Holly House

This model is the “Cottage”. This little house might be small but you can tell it holds a huge amount of love inside.

From its textured willow green shingles to its holly berry walls and gingerbread trim…love lives here. The candy canes are an open invitation for all to come enjoy the sweetness offered within.

Falling Snow Putz House

This house is the smallest but it has the best paper in the collection. Heavy snow falling on evergreens – the silence is so peaceful you can hear each snowflake whisper Christmas.

A great Christmas Village must have homes and structures of a wide variety of shapes and styles. The tall skinny house is a favorite. Even in the daytime this simple home glows.

This house has a lovely combination of serene blue/grays and silver sparkles. It also has a combination look between a house and church – you decide.

Victorian Gothic Mansion Putz House

But this house is the center of attention – the stately Victorian Queen. The Gothic architecture of this home was a bit of a fuss to make but she was worth it.

My very most favorite part here is my wrought iron railing on the widow’s walk. I came up with this technique when I was making a project for Halloween (of course, my fave Holiday).

But it’s the combination of the Antique Holiday Greens paper, antiqued rose gold roofing accents, Vintage green trim and gold “Christmas lights” that sets this beauty apart from all the rest.

And what makes these houses homes? Each house comes with two flickering flame tea lights. These lights can be turned on and off and when they’ve finally given their all…they are easily and inexpensively replaced at your local shopping center.

So there you have it – some warm and glowing Christmas cheer, and if it’s a bit early, who cares…just go with it, we can never have too much love.

Stay safe and stay well – Happy Holidays All, Kriss

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