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Porcelain, China, Ceramic – It’s Been That Kind Of Week

Hey everyone – welcome.

Have you ever noticed how sometimes things just seem to go in waves? Last week it was Vintage China for me.

It started off with selling the last of my Bing & Grondahl’s Seagull dishes. I found this huge set on Craigslist a couple of Winters ago. It was in a small town about three hours away but I just knew I had to have it for my shop. The picture above is the last of the set – these are butter pats in the shape of shells but you can see how gorgeous this pattern is.

But as the week went on and I visited my fave Thrift Boutique, I found some real nice pieces to fill the empty hole in my shop’s China stock.

Royal Bayreuth Shell Creamer

This is a creamer! Made in the early mid century by Royal Bayreuth these seashell pieces came in a variety of hand painted colors…but this one looks so real I think you could hear the ocean if you put it to your ear.

Lefton August Birthday Angel

This adorable little angel is by Lefton and they made one for every month and each featured that month’s birth flower and stone.  August’s is poppies and peridot.  You can’t quite see it, but there’s a blossom on her skirt that has a peridot gem for a center.

20201010_153737Blue Ridge “Cigarette Box”

I can’t believe I found another piece of Blue Ridge Pottery.  This is a “cigarette box” or trinket box.  It’s also in one of their most favorite patterns – Easter Parade.


Frankoma Snail

Frankoma is another mid century pottery company.  The “snail” style is very collectible.


Plantation Colonial Tea Caddy

With the renewed interest in teas these days…I bet you know someone who would love to unwrap this Vintage tea caddy this Christmas.


Maruhon Ware Pitcher

It’s much bigger than a creamer so I think this was probably meant for juice or a small water pitcher.  But wouldn’t this look great filled with flowers?


Staffordshire Flatback Prince

This, however, was by far my most unique find of the week…it’s a Staffordshire Flatback figurine from the late 1800’s.  The figure is Prince Frederick of Prussia.  Very few of these pieces have made it down through time…especially in as excellent condition as this one!

Though it’s a challenge to ship these delicate porcelain pieces and the price of shipping just keeps going up and up…I can’t seem to stop myself from adding these Vintage breakables to my shop inventory. 

I hope you saw something here that sparked your curiosity or made you pause a moment and admire the talent of Vintage artists and their crafts.     

Such treasures should never be lost.

Thank you for joining me today. – Kriss


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