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Blue Ridge Collectors – This One’s For You

Hello and Welcome.

I know – two blog posts in a row! The reason is I’ve got a lot of shop listings to catch up on and WordPress, in their infinite wisdom, changed their platform configuration (gack – another techno thing to learn) so I’m going to try to get a few posts up back to back in the hopes I can get through this learning curve as quickly as possible.

This post is especially for the Blue Ridge Collector, but for the rest of you who might be a bit in the dark: Blue Ridge Pottery was a company born from a pottery in 1916 in Erwin, Tennessee.

I’m going to skip over a lot of history here but around 1938 Blue Ridge started hand painting their designs and their popularity boomed.

Hundreds of patterns were created and among them a ‘Childern’s” dish line was offered. These children’s themes varied but this one became a true, rare collectible – Humpty.

Usually, you find one piece here or one piece there but almost never the whole set which consists of one plate, one bowl and a cup. I found FOUR pieces – whoohoo!

I also found a little oddity. Look close at these two plates – they have some real variations like apples on one and not the other, brown paint on the wall here but not there, etc. This, more than anything, confirms these plates were hand painted.

Each piece also tells the story of Humpty Dumpty. The plate shows him sitting on the wall. The bowl shows Humpty on his way down…shouldn’t have tried for that apple, dude.

And finally, the cup Humpty looks like a Picasso to me. But aren’t these great kid dishes? Not that these will probably every see a kid’s table again but they probably did once…about 80 years ago!

What a fun little slice of history…I’m so glad these dishes made it through life better than poor old Humpty Dumpty.

Looking out my bedroom window this morning…Fall is officially here and my maple is celebrating. Let the color pageant begin.

Well the wild turkeys do get pretty big in Idaho but I’m not sure we need to keep them in a corral. This is some of the babies from this year’s crop – they’re just about fully grown and I see them, or some of their relatives, every morning on my hike with Bella. She use to try to chase them ,they make a fantastic amount of noise when they take flight, which she just loves. But over the summer she’s come to realize it’s just as much fun to observe these strange, large birds and I think they’ve come to know the difference between Bella and a coyote and now they just sort of grumble and slowly mosey away cleaning up bugs as they go.

Thank you for browsing my post today – please take care of yourself and stay safe. – Kriss

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