Rare Vintage Pontiac Dealership Posters

Hello, and welcome back (or if you’re here for the first time) – WELCOME to Old Raven Creates.

Today I want to show you some unique Vintage art posters that came from, of all places, a Pontiac car dealership! Now, you might think these feature cars…but no…these incredible posters pay homage to the ‘original’ Pontiac and his kin.

There are a total of 11 of these vibrant posters that depict glimpses of everyday life for a variety of Native Americans. The posters are a full 16″ x 11″ and each poster has a brief description of the scene on display.

Each poster depicts something unique be it a different activity, a different tribe and/or geographic location, a ceremony or a seasonal event.

I’m a bit of a Vintage car nut, so I’m very familiar with most car companies and I’ve seen my share of “classic car” posters but I’ve never seen any like these. I love how Pontiac chose to remember their roots and produce such lovely prints that were no doubt framed and hung over every available wall at the dealerships, and probably given out as ‘favors’ to customers.

Each one of these posters is ready to slip into a frame – and can you imagine an entire wall covered in these? Wouldn’t these be perfect décor for a man cave?

These would also be fun for a kids room wouldn’t they, such lively artwork accompanied by a snippet of history.

These posters were well cared for and are in extremely good condition with no tears or stains.

Each poster also has the date it was made and that they are genuine dealership promos. The copyright dates range from 1955 to 1962 with only one poster dated 1970.

But this one is my favorite. This handsome man is Chief Pontiac, what can I say, be still my beating heart.

But as I mentioned earlier, I love Vintage cars…or I should have said muscle cars! And this is a beautiful example of a classic Pontiac from the 60’s which no doubt featured in it’s own promo posters in the day right next to the Chief above.

If you want to check out these amazing posters – here’s the link to the set:

Thank you for joining me today – take care of yourself and come back soon. – Kriss

One thought on “Rare Vintage Pontiac Dealership Posters

  1. Hi Kriss, I came across your name and shop during my research. I see you have sold some of the Pontiac Dealer Indian posters. I recently found 18 of the posters with the laminate/ coverings- no pinholes – in excellent condition. Is there someone that you know collecting these- or is there any kind of a desire for these? How would you think I should proceed or ? Any suggestion appreciated- thank you. Sincerely, Arlene. Arlenefauconfamily@ hotmail.com or you can just text 4804597310. Thank you again.


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