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Welcome to my blog and Happy Friday to all.


With another batch of 30 handmade (and VERY realistic) Black Widow Spiders ready to go out into the world I’m grabbing a moment to show you some of the latest listings I’ve put up in my shop Old Raven on Etsy.


Vintage Crochet Flower Ring

How did you like my lead picture of the owl? Too cute, right? But the part I really like is the little nest of flowers he sits in. I found this adorable Vintage crochet ring of flowers at a 2nd hand store and had to have it. This is the perfect ‘frame’ for anything from a vase to a lamp to something like my owl friend here.

20200807_105110 (2)

Oriental Beauty Bell Pull Kit

Are you one of the many who finds themselves with a little too much extra time on their hands these days?  How about trying something ‘new’?  Though needlework, cross stitch in particular, has been around for a very long time it’s continued popularity is because it’s so satisfying.  Needlework keeps your hands and mind busy while creating something wonderful to keep or give away as a special gift.


Oriental Bird – Crewel Kit

There’s plenty of forms of needlework to choose from, too.  This kit is Crewel work – where you’re using more a yarn weight instead of thread/floss.  The results are the same, hand made by you and beautiful.


(Sorry, no link for this one – it sold while I was making this post.)

Cross Stitch is easy to master and the variety of kits and patterns will astound you.


Poinsettia Tree Skirt Kit

The size of your project can range from small and quickly finished to something larger and/or far more intricate such as this tree skirt that is sure to become a family heirloom. Imagine it, your great grandchildren could loving place this beneath their Christmas tree admiring the beauty of something made by their great, great…

20200807_103658Christmas Angels Bell Pull

Here’s another Christmas treasure…this is a precious little bell pull from Europe that you could finish quickly.


Stitch on Paper – Greeting Cards Kit

I really love it when I find kits from Europe…there’s something special, just a touch of something foreign in the artwork that makes them different from our kits. And this kit is especially unique in that it is a ‘stitch on paper’ kit. Yep, you can even stitch on paper folks! This kit makes five different ‘occasion’ cards. These are really fun to do, and to give, and they work up really fast.


Stitch on Paper Kit 2

This stitch on paper kit will appeal to the quilters (or friends of quilters) out there. Again, these cards are a snap to make!

20200807_113529Needlework Tote and Organizer

And last but not least, here’s how you can keep your needle-crafting organized. This is a Vintage – but like new – needlework tote. There’s plenty of room to hold your current project (even two or three) in the main portion of the bag and then there’s the outside pockets to store all the necessities. This tote keeps you organized and lets you take your needlework with you where ever you go.

Well…did anything you see here inspire you? I hope so, and I hope you give needle crafting a try…the pleasure and satisfaction of creating art is within everyone’s reach with these kits.

That’s it for now, I’m off to make a batch of my LARGE Black Widows (these deliciously scary spiders are three times the size of my regular Black Widows). It’s possible that small indoor gatherings will be the thing this year so why not make them extra fun and spooky.


Variety Pack of Halloween Spiders

Stay safe, sleep tight and don’t let these bed bugs bite!!!

Thanks for dropping in – always much appreciated -Kriss

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