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Man, Have I Been Busy Listing In My Etsy Shop!!!

First up – how’s everybody doing out there?  Considering we all currently have zip codes inside the Twilight Zone, I’m almost afraid to ask.  


These fellows live on a shelf right next to my computer and they offer me sage advise on a daily basis. Before I post here, or on Facebook, send a text, or pretty much communicate any time/place/opportunity I try to envision my three wise ‘men’. I hope you have some help in your corner, too.

Today I’ve got plenty of pictures for you to look at…so many in fact that I will not be attaching links to each pic that would normally take you right to the item in my Etsy shop Old Raven. But you can always click on my shop link up above to zip right over to Old Raven on Etsy.

First up: three new Nib Storage Books. These have turned out to be very popular and are a perfect addition to my vast selection of Antique Nibs.


This is the front cover on my latest Art Nouveau book…


…and here’s a peek at the inside.


This Nib Storage Book has got a bit more masculine vibe.


And this one is a little deceptive. It looks a bit fussy Victorian by this front cover…


…but it’s got hidden and subtle leanings towards the Gothic/Halloween art that I just love. You may not see it right off, but trust me, it’s there.


I recently purchased a HUGE box full of Vintage (and some Antique) brass drawer pulls and accessories.  I showed you a few last post but here’s most of the rest.  I won’t post the lots of brass eye bolts, bails and miscellaneous backplates, etc. but I got 20 separate listings out of that box of brass.








This was a real gold mine (made of brass) and there are some unique/rare treasures here especially for those looking for restoration hardware.

There’s still lots of new listings I haven’t covered yet like more Needlework Kits, MAD dolls, Antique Toys, Vintage Crochet items and Pontiac Posters (huh?). Yep, you won’t believe these colorful 1950-60’s posters were made for Pontiac car dealerships. All coming up next!

Oh, and for those wondering “is she not working in her craft room at all anymore”? Yes, I am but it’s all restocking items such as: black widow spiders (the rush started early on these this year and I’m barely keeping up), nib storage tins (my reproductions of Antique Nib Boxes are HOT right now) and Christmas Spiders (do you know the legend of the Christmas Spiders?, check out my shop listing for Christmas Spiders, well anyways, talk about early purchases – these usually don’t start until after Thanksgiving). So that’s where I’ve been spending my time. Glad you could join me here today…

Stay safe folks. – Kriss

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