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Vintage & Antique Brass Drawer Pulls

Welcome to September and to my Blog!

Today, I’m catching up on a whole bunch of recent new listings to my shop Old Raven on Etsy.

I recently purchased a box full of Antique and Vintage cast brass drawer pulls in the Victorian style.  Here’s pictures and links to the first five groupings I’ve just listed in my shop:



Set #1  There are seven Vintage matching pulls in this set.  They all have cast brass backplates that are beautifully ornate. These are pulls with bails (the metal loop that drops down and the bit you grab on to to ‘pull’ the drawer out).  Aren’t they gorgeous – and this is just the beginning!



Set #2 No, you aren’t seeing double – these Vintage pulls look the same as the first listing – but not quite.  The backplates are identical but the bails have a different design from the first set.  Also, there is six in this grouping.



Set #3 This set of two pulls is the real deal when it comes to age.  These are from around the 1890’s and they have their original Antique patina of age.  These could be polished up or left in their lovely ‘old’ condition.  These, of course, are my favorites.

20200825_15235720200825_152857 (2)

 Set #4  The box of brass pulls I bought had quite the unusual mix and match in it.  I really had fun sorting through and figuring out which went with what.  This set of four Vintage pulls have the same backplates as the previous Antique pulls but these were certainly made much more recently (probably the 70’s or 80’s), and the bails are different, too.  Still, they are very Victorian and just beautiful.

20200825_16130320200825_161831Set #5  The last set I’ll be showing you today has six Vintage pulls that are just so beautiful.  Look at all the fine detail on these. 

All of these pull sets are complete and ready to go.  Though you may be able to still find some of these styles being currently produced, chances are they will be stamped brass (much thinner, less detail) than these cast/heavy weight brass beauties.

I’ll be posting my next grouping of brass soon, so if you’re interested check back or follow my blog so you don’t miss out.

Thank you for joining me and may this new month of September find us all happy and healthy and working hard towards peace and a unified America.  I hope we all start focusing on what we can do to make things better for all.  United We Stand. – Kriss

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