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Let’s Catch Up…

Welcome One and All.

I know, I kind of went AWOL there for a while.  But I’ve pulled up my big girl panties and I’m determined to get my blog going again even though WordPress ‘gave me’ an all new platform to get used to. But forget about the behind the scenes work…let’s get to the important stuff – TREASURE.

I may not have been blogging but I have definitely been sourcing.  And I’ve come up with some great new additions to my Etsy shop Old Raven.


This is the cutest bean pot I think I’ve ever seen.  This set is Vintage, the S &P shakers match the pot but it’s that clever woven basket that I just love. 

So, you’re going to a potluck.  Can’t you just see yourself toting this stoneware pot full of hot baked beans (or whatever your hot dish specialty is) into the room by the convenient handle on that beautiful basket.  Not only is the weaving great but this basket has a cutout to show off that colorful rooster on this lidded bean pot.  No matter what you serve…that pot’s going to be a hit!

Bean Pot


Next up:  This is a lovely little flower vase by Belleek who is well known for its fine porcelain, and this vase features the Harebell or Bluebell motif – gorgeous.

Belleek Bluebell Vase


From bluebells to bluebirds.  This is a pair of vintage ‘big head’ ceramic bluebirds.  Big head characters were made famous by Disney in the mid century and pretty much every house had at least one wall that had these types of little wall mounts somewhere on them.  The bluebirds were a particular favorite as they brought good luck.  Many were inexpensive ‘chalkware’ from Japan, but these two little birdies are ceramic with quite a bit of detail in the wings in particular, which makes them a bit unusual.



Another blue…this is a powder blue Bulova watch box, vintage mid century.  While this may not interest some…Bulova watch collectors will want to check out the very nice condition of this little unit.

Bulova Watch Box


And speaking of collectible watch boxes…this one’s even older.  This is an Elgin Ladies Watch box.  It’s in truly excellent condition and features red leather, velvet and satin.  Another rare treat for the collector.

Elgin Watch Box


And to wind up my show today…this is so cool.  This is an Antique Boot Button Needle Kit. Not only is the box in amazing condition for being over one hundred years old, there’s still original content here!  The boot needle and five boot buttons are inside the sliding box. 

Button Needle Kit

I especially find this kind of Antique worthy of saving.  This one is something every household in America probably had and kept handy for those shoe or clothing emergencies.  Real people leading real lives owned this repair kit and just touching it is like a time machine that magically connects us to the past.  Though we may all admire and/or desire those beautiful pieces of Antique art, silver and gold encrusted, hand-signed originals and the like…it’s these every day items that are the real treasures for me.

This is just a small portion of the items I’ve been gathering up lately.  I’m getting them listed as fast as I can and I’ll be getting caught up here, on my blog, so keep watch.

Till then my friends, take care. – Kriss

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