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String Art and Cross Stitch Kits…The Joy of Keeping Your Hands Busy

Hello and Welcome!

On my last post we discussed “things to keep us entertained” and “good reasons for doing so”.  2020 has become the year we all are trying new things to stay sane.  I’ve been a cross stitcher for years and though my interest waxes and wanes, needlework has got me through some difficult (and just boring) times.

I had recently come across a large stockpile of needlework kits and decided to open a new category in my online shop Old Raven on Etsy because I realized, hey, if it works for me it just might work for you, too, huh?

I’m happy to report that my needlework kit sales are doing great, so much so, that I’m expanding my search for interesting needlework projects so I can keep my new line of Needlework Supplies full of tempting choices for one and all.

This week, I found what will probably be the largest, most unique kit I will ever come up with.


This is a String Kit.  String Art has been popular for many, many years and it is currently enjoying a resurgence with plenty of project styles, colors and features to choose from.  However, I believe I say for certain you won’t find too many (if any) other kits like this one available.  This kit is HUGE.  It is 36″ x 24″ – I mean that’s three feet tall by two feet wide!  This is going to be a substantial wall hanging when it’s done.


I know the pictures aren’t all they could be but the reason why is this kit is still in it’s original shrink wrap (which reflects the light and blurs the picture) but it also means this kit is in perfect NIP condition.  But man, I think you can still tell…that is one beautiful hawk!

The Hawk – String Art Kit


Next is a cross stitch kit that features three beautiful white horses.  The Luca-S company is based in Moldova and has built a fine reputation for producing unique needlework kits that excel in quality and desirability.


These horses look like they’re about to run right off the page.


And the kit materials are well packed, easy to handle with excellent instructions.  This company has made great strides in helping it’s country’s economy come back from near poverty levels to establishing itself as a strong independent nation.

Plus, I love the subtle artistic differences that are inherent in every countries art work and finding kits designed and produced outside of the US are a special treat.

White Horses


This kit is super cute, I love how the last duck in line is looking at the frog.  This is a “stamped” cross stitch which means a portion of the picture (like the background) is permanently pre-stamped onto the fabric.  The “x”s for the placement of each cross stitch made with the floss are also stamped on so there is no ‘counting’ involved here – just stitch away.  These make great beginner projects.

What an Ugly Duckling


I know it’s right smack in the middle of hot summer heat…but I’ve always enjoyed working on ‘Fall’ and ‘Winter’ projects this time of year, it gives me a ‘mental’ break from the unrelenting hot outside and a welcome glimpse of seasons to come.


Isn’t this pretty?  We don’t get Cardinals here in Idaho so I especially love this kit and its brightly colored birds.

Winter Cardinals


And while we’re dreaming of cooler days – here’s a reminder – handmade Christmas gifts should be started now.  This Christmas stocking kit would make the best present ever, especially when that little one finds it hanging from the mantle full of treats and treasures come Christmas morning.  This type of kit comes with an additional alphabet chart so it’s easy to add what ever name you require to personalize this Christmas stocking and make it a lifelong keepsake they will always cherish.

Snow Bear Stocking


Hoop Embroidery is also very popular right now.  Some kits are cross stitch, some crewel and, like this one, it’s embroidery.

And bluebirds of happiness will always be popular, but seriously, who wouldn’t take a little extra happiness right now?

Bluebirds of Happiness

This latest haul of needlework kits has added a nice variety to my ever-growing selection of supplies.  I hope one of the kits I’ve posted here or last time has tickled your interest.  The great thing about needlework is you can set it down, take a break and then pick it up again later so it fits into any schedule and it’s very portable, too.  You can throw your current project into a tote and haul it off to the pool while the kids splash and doctors offices and those marathon ‘waits’, or pretty much anywhere else you find yourself wasting time wishing you had something a bit more productive to do rather than just sit.


Of course, some folks like to be bored…it’s the perfect segue into a nice long nap.

I wish you all well, my friends.  Until next time….Kriss

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