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Vintage Brass & Bakelite Drawer Pulls

Hello and Happy Fathers Day.

Today I wanted to share my latest listing – Vintage Drawer Pulls.


I’ve been getting out a bit more, visiting a few of my favorite 2nd hand stores and also a fun (new to me) shop that’s more of a consignment venue that has some handmade things as well as Vintage and Antique goodies.  The shop is called Eclectic Curio and I’ve visited three times and twice found some really nice items.  Like these beauties.

This is a set of drawer pulls (probably) salvaged from a Waterfall dresser from the 1930’s.


There are seven of these lovely larger pulls.  They’re cast brass and have a Bakelite insert in a warm marbled butterscotch/amber color that is just gorgeous.  And look, the brass has wonderful Art Deco detail molded in to it.  Everything seemed to have beauty built into it in those days, sigh.


The Bakelite gets inserted from the back and once the handle is screwed on tight it will fit snugly into the brass.  What’s amazing is all 9 of these pieces have intact Bakelite inserts that are in perfect condition with no chips or cracks, and that color, yum!


Those old dressers usually had a couple of smaller drawers at the top and these would have smaller knobs such as these round ones.  These have the same pretty petal design and the same color of Bakelite.


These Bakelite inserts are shaped like bells.  But again, these are in perfect condition.  I love the look of these artistic drawer pulls – because of their slight translucence, they appear to be lit from within.  And what a great and rare find to have the coordinating small and large pulls together!

Here’s the link if you want a closer look and a bit more info…just click:

Set of Art Deco Bakelite Pulls

Thank you for taking a browse through my blog…always nice to have friends stop in. – Kriss

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