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Pen Nib Storage and Organizer for Up To 40 Nibs – and It TRAVELS, Too

Welcome to a new week and I’ve got some fun things to show you today.


I’ve been selling out of these book-style nib organizers in my shop (Old Raven on the Etsy platform) lately.  In the past I’ve only made the model on the right which is decorated with reproductions of Antique Spencerian Penmanship book covers.


The old Spencerian covers are absolutely perfect for papering a nib storage/organizer and for the inside decor I’ve used pages from an 1887 stationer’s catalog for nib types and prices.  But for this one…


…I found papers that are reproductions of 1800’s letters in a variety of different ‘hands’.  Each page features a lovely and unique style.


These organizers are small yet secure, too, so that they not only work perfect for home use but they travel well and allow you to take a huge selection of nibs to your club meeting, conventions, trade shows, work, etc.


But due to their popularity…I decided to explore some other decorative coverings.  This organizer displays a large collection of beautiful Art Nouveau papers.


The back of this book is as beautiful as the front.  This style is the age of Tiffany stained glass, Morris wall paper and the Arts & Crafts movement.  It’s so beautiful!


Look at all those lovely prints, and the pages show much more as you flip down through them.  I know there’s an Art Nouveau fan out there who will find this to be the perfect home for her treasured nib collection.

Here’s the links – just click!

Spencerian Nib Organizer

Art Nouveau Nib Organizer

And of course, as always, thank you for reading and following my blog. Stay Safe All – Kriss

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