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Antique Gothic Brass Candlestick Lamps

Hello and welcome to my blog.

Today I have something really different.

These are a matched pair of Antique Brass Gothic Candlesticks that have been converted into lamps.


As you can see…these beauties are huge!  There’s not a lot of information about these ornate candlesticks except that they were originally built to hold candles and I actually had to remove some wax from the feet of these in preparing them for photos!


These would have sat on an altar table in a Church/Sanctuary.  They look like they got their update to electric around the 1960’s according to the look of the cord and socket setup.  Of course, it would take very little effort to revert these back to candlesticks.


But whoa!  These are so ornate and detailed.  They have the Church design schemes of crocketted spires, open lancet windows and all the traditional Gothic motifs.


These candlesticks are not magnetic and they scratch test as bright brass. They have seams so they were molded in two parts and then soldered together at the seams – another sign of their age. They also weigh almost 5 pounds each.  As can be seen in the header photo, these are a matched right and left candlestick pair.


I never found a single Antique brass Altar Candlestick that had a maker’s mark but these two both have the number 12 on them. Definitely a set.

I always wish my Vintage and Antique items could talk and tell me about their journey down through time.  I can only imagine what these candlestick lamps would have to say.

Antique Brass Gothic Candlestick Lamps

Just click and follow the link.

Thank you for joining me today.  Hopefully you are all well and safe. – Kriss


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