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Good Day to All.

I just got back from a wonderful morning hike up into the foothills which support the north side of my small town community.  There was plenty to see, wild turkeys, a herd of mule deer, northern orioles, red tail hawks, cotton tail rabbits…just to name a few.  I love my Idaho!

Today I would like to show you the latest additions to my Etsy shop Old Raven.


I know I’ve listed plenty of varieties of Antique Gillott nibs in the past – well this is yet another model that I’ve now added to my shop stock – Gillott 601 F Magnum nibs.  These are very rare and are certainly a nib for the serious calligrapher out there.  Here’s the link to the listing in my shop if you want a bit more detailed information.

Gillott 601 F Magnum Nibs

I’ve also been upcycling Antique and Vintage Nib Boxes into handy and useful tin nib storage boxes.  These nib tins are based on the same models used a century or so ago.  They have the sliding top for easy access to the nibs, and the top slides and snaps back closed so you don’t have to worry about them coming open and spilling nibs in your purse or pocket.


Silverine Nib Tin

These nib tins are quite small so they’re very easy to carry in a pocket, purse or traveling case.


Spencerian Nib Tin

These tins are also great for using as a pill box or office organizer for small items such as paperclips, tacks, etc.


This box might look a little ‘worn’ but believe me, this is one difficult nib box to find!  Musselman’s Perfection nibs are one of the most rare nibs from the “Dream Points” list and the nibs and box are on the calligrapher’s “Most Wanted” list.  Actually, I was able to only get a top picture of the original box for this tin so I tried an alternate ‘bottom’…


Musselman’s Perfection Tin

…it’s a picture of a box full of Musselman’s nibs – I love how this turned out.  They look pretty real, huh?



Zanerian Fine Writer Tin – #1

Zanerian Fine Writer Tin – #2

And last but not least – The Zanerian Fine Writer.  These nibs are also from the “Dream Points” list but these can occasionally be found, sometimes even with the box included.  Alas, I’ve never been able to win an auction where these have been for sale – yikes!, they’re expensive.

But here’s your chance to have your own bit of Zanerian Fine Writer memorabilia to add to your collection.

Whew, that was a lot of calligraphy items all in one shot.  But remember – these aren’t just for nib storage, they make great little stash boxes, too!

Thanks for browsing my blog – stay safe everyone. – Kriss

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