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Antique Spencerian & Gillott Nibs

Greetings – how are you all doing?

At least we have time to guiltlessly surf the net and I’ve been racking up some serious hours doing just that.  It’s like going down Alice’s rabbit hole, don’t you think?

Well in one of my searches I came across an amazing item that kind of made my eyes pop.


This is an original Antique box of Spencerian nibs.  This is a sort of ‘sample’ box or advertiser box that contains 12 different Spencerian nibs.  This set was made either in the late 1800’s or early 1900’s.


The box is cardboard/paper (usually they’re rusted out metal) and in very good condition with the labeling and graphics still brilliant and clear.

Inside, all 12 nibs are in excellent condition – ready to let you test your skills and discover your preferences in nib styles.

The set includes the famed Spencerian #1 (one of the Dream Points) as well as a No 18 Society Stub, a No 30 Bronze Falcon and a No 34 Falcon Stub – all in that totally collectible box! woooowhooo  click the link to go right to this item in my shop Old Raven on Etsy:

Antique Spencerian 12 Nib Set w/ Box

Next up – I also found some Antique Joseph Gillott nibs to add to my ever growing collection of Gillott stock in my shop.


This box is a bit the worse for wear so I’ll just tuck it away for now but the nibs are in excellent NOS condition.  This was one of the more popular nibs Gillott made and I’ve been trying to get a supply of them in my shop.  Eventually, I would love to be able to offer a sampling of most of the Antique Gillott line of nibs.


Gillott 404 nibs are getting more and more difficult to find as they quit manufacturing them somewhere around the 1920’s or even a bit earlier.  But of course, like all Gillott nibs they are superior points and worth the few extra dollars for the authentic Antique model.  Click the link if you need to stock up.

Gillott 404 Nibs

That’s today’s news – please stay safe – and be careful and kind. – Kriss

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