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Vintage Hyer Art Deco Drop Pulls x 12

Hello and happy Sunday to you all.

Today I’ve just listed a set of 12 Hyer Hardware brass drop pulls.


These pulls are in the ‘drop pull’ style and were made somewhere in the 40’s to 50’s.  These are salvage items and I have left them ‘as is’ because frankly, I love the patina of age these have.


But aren’t they beautiful?  This Art Deco style elevates a common drawer pull into a little work of art – and there’s 12 of these in the set!


The ‘drop’ portion of the pull can actually be used separately by itself and the disc back plate can have a different ‘knob’ should you want to switch things around.  But, together, these are just gorgeous.




I just love the look of these – the art and style of days long past.

Hyer Deco Art Drop Pulls

Just click on the link above to go right to the listing in my Etsy shop Old Raven.

Stay Safe – Kriss

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