Wow – What a Day!

Just a quick post…I had to share the fact that we here in Boise, Idaho just had 6.5 earthquake!

Whew.  Hubby and I were relaxing in our recliners watching TV when for a split second I wondered that our rather new recliner loveseat came with a massage setting that I didn’t know about?  Ha Ha.

No, I realized in short order that this was an earthquake.  Reports are still being gathered but at first look it appears nothing suffered much damage.

For our house…some bottles of crafting supply items fell off shelves and a few smaller decor pieces in a couple of other rooms took a tumble…but nothing more than that.  Well, except for a nervous dog and a totally freaked out cat.

All our neighbors showed up one after the other on their porches so at least we all got a little human contact (at safe distances of course) out the scare.  Only one after shock so far, hope the earth has relieved her tension for now…I kinda know how she feels.  30 more days of safe at home – I might have to have a little earthquake myself.

Stay safe everyone,  I’ll be back soon. – Kriss

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