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1907 Fashion Cutouts -I Found A Treasure Today

Hey everyone – how’s it going?  Keeping busy, surfin’ the net, looking for ideas?  Me too.

One thing I like to do to jump start my creativity is browsing through creative blogs…look at projects and techniques, check out posts on new products or see what some terribly creative individual has done with a craft supply I’ve had sitting unused in my craft room.

Now usually it’s a case of “if only I had the time to give that craft a try”… well, considering everyone’s current situation…here’s your chance.  So let’s get crafting!

I might have something today that will help get you started on a new project to keep you busy (and sane) for a few days anyways.

Today’s offering is in the way of crafting supplies.  I was cleaning out a section of closet (well, I have to do some real work – I can’t play in my craft room all the time (can I?).

Anyways, I moved a box that was on the floor tucked under the lowest rack of clothes and I realized that I actually didn’t know what was in that box.  So I pulled it on out to see.  Treasure – that’s what!


I barely remember where this box of goodies came from, I know it was things I had gleaned from a whole pile of stuff…most of which I donated on to other places…but a few things I wanted to keep for myself.  I put them in this box, shoved them under the rack of clothes, and promptly forgot about them.  I think maybe about 10+ years ago.

This stuff is going to keep me busy for a week taking pictures and listing items in my Etsy shop Old Raven.


In a shirt box within the larger box were these two magazines.  They’re both dated 1909 and are The Woman’s Home Companion and The Delineator.  And underneath them were hundreds of cutouts from (apparently) earlier magazines.


I even found a date on the back of one of them – 1907.  But holy smokes, the time someone took to cut out all these lovely dress ideas that apparently went into a ‘wish list’ for herself.


Most of the cutouts are black and white but some are in color.  There was a lot of time and effort put into this collection.


This was a woman who had a husband as there are some men’s fashion cutouts saved, too, and she had (a) daughter and (a) son, as well, since some of the cutouts have names written on the back and notes such as “school” and “Jonathan”.


This one has “evening” wrote on it for a young girl’s special night out.


Some of the cutouts have color added with (I think) watercolor paint.  This glimpse into some woman’s life from over 100 years ago is absolutely fantastic.  What a treat!


She even cut out some home items such as this very ornate stove.  But the bowl of soup…maybe she was going to attach it to a recipe card?  There were upholstery sample cutouts, too, among other things.

I’ve decided to split these up into 50+ cut outs per pack and list them in my shop that way.  1907 Fashion Cut Outs – Group 1 is now in my shop Old Raven on Etsy.

These wonderful cut outs could be used in a number of projects such as Scrapbooking, Collage, Art Journals, Over-sized Building Blocks, ATCs, ATBs, Mixed Media or Altered Art, just to name a few.

These are not copies – you will receive the authentic 1907 cut outs.

I will have the other six groups of cut outs listed in the coming days so check in if you’re interested.

And next up:  I’ve decided to make a 9-drawer chest covered in mosaic. But it won’t be quite what you’re expecting – so stay tuned!

So glad you’re here with me. – Kriss

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