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Putz Houses – Part 2

Hello and welcome back to Old Raven Creates.

Yesterday I made a post on how I made the miniature house on the left (Evergreen House) of the lead group picture above.  Today I’m going to show you closeups on the other three houses.


This is Holly House, a modest bungalow style home with one story, wood window casings, porch and door and a brick chimney on top of a shake style roof.  Notice the gingerbread work?  I love mixing and matching from the different die sets.


These miniature houses are a perfect size for creating a Holiday Village.


I plan on making a few more of these houses and depending on ‘stay at home’ orders I may wind up with enough houses for a small town!


But I’m glad I went with the Christmas paper for the walls.  The idea of having a little collection of Holiday Houses wearing their festive decorations on their walls is going to look wonderful.


And of course, each house is decorated and shows well from all four sides.  Just add a layer of cotton snow and some snow covered trees and you’re in business.


For me, I love having the battery tealights inside each house to throw a “welcome home” glow out onto the snow.


This is the tiniest house in the set.  This can also be added as an ‘addition’ to one of the larger houses, as well as a separate dwelling as it’s shown here.


But isn’t it cute?  Besides, every Village has to have not only the big grand houses but the tiny little grandma’s house, too.


Amazingly enough, two tealights will (just) fit into this tiny house!


This house has some of my favorite Christmas memories on its walls – walking through the woods when it’s snowing.


What theme would you choose for your Christmas Village?


Is this part of my Christmas Village?  No.  I ran onto a book of glitter paper while I was looking for my next theme paper and I just couldn’t resist.


This is basically the same as Evergreen House from the first post but with a few less embellishments like the chimneys and fencing.


I thought maybe it might be fun for part of an Easter decoration but I have next to nothing of craft stash items, especially little tiny accent pieces, for giving this an Easter spin.  (Trying to work from stock I have on hand since I’m not doing any ‘unnecessary’ store shopping right now.)


Still it was fun to play with the glitter paper.  Also, this house shows how one looks without the ‘glass’ added to the windows.

Well, that’s a wrap.  That’s all four houses I’ve made using these (Tim Holtz/Sizzix) dies so far.

Here’s Smokey on perimeter patrol.  My animals make me smile, hope this gave you one, too.

As always, I very much appreciate you stopping by. – Kriss




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