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Calligraphers – MORE Nib Storage Tins

It’s SPRING – yeah!!!!  Daffodils, hyacinth and primrose are popping up everywhere.  And sunshine…lemon yellow and warm…it just feels SO good.

Today I’ve been working on switching out an old listing, updating it and adding two new listings in conjunction to it because WOW have I been collecting Antique Pen Nib Boxes.


This collection represents a lot of time, effort and money.  These old nib boxes are about one hundred years old and finding ones that are in good condition, good enough to take photos of, are even more scarce.  And for you calligraphers – I also try to keep some of the nibs that came in these boxes in stock – another neat trick.

You might have seen some of my other blogs concerning these old boxes where I’ve taken the images and tweaked them to fit mint candy tin blanks.


This is the result.  These are very small tins (Dimensions: 2″ x 1″ x 1/4″) and they are for holding the nibs/pens for calligraphy.


I cover both the top and bottom of these tins with the old boxes corresponding tops/bottoms.  They’re really colorful with wonderful textures and themes.


20200317_132542 (2)

But not only are these little tins great for the calligraphy world’s organization of tiny nibs, they are also perfect for holding pills, candies, mints, tiny trinkets, buttons, beads and pretty much anything you want to carry with you in a pocket or purse (stash stuff?) yes.  I’ve added the link below if you want to go check them out, but notice how it says ‘Group 1’?  I now have enough nib tins to actually make THREE separate listings of groups of tins.  Group 1 is available now, Group 2 is another set of 12 tins by the pen maker Gillott and another, Group 3, features a mix of other Antique pen makers and their unique nib boxes made into these collectible tins.

Antique Pen Nib Tins – Group 1

Here’s a look of Groups 1 & 2 and these sets will be ready for purchase in my shop in the next day or two, so check back if you’re interested.


This is Group 2 (all Gillott tins).


This is the Mixed Group.  And just an FYI – the more tins you buy the better the bargain!

And before I go – a picture of my beautiful Bella enjoying one of my new chairs:


Thank you all for stopping in, I hope it’s sunny where ever you are. – Kriss




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