The Bidet – It’s Not Just For Europe Anymore

Hello everyone.  Like everyone else, my husband and I are ‘sheltering in place’ – we haven’t gone to full quarantine here in Boise, yet.

But one thing that became immediately apparent across the country is the lack of toilet paper.  This sounds a little comic on the surface but of course, it’s pretty serious if you’re in the category of those ‘without’.

I’d like to give a little post about the advantages of the BIDET.  Please pardon my frankness/crudeness – but I think this is a really good time to speak about the toilet.  The toilet is central to any household and when sickness arrives – it can make the symptoms better – or way worse.


This is the classic European bidet setup (at least, it’s what a lot of Americans think of when someone says bidet).

I’m not sure why Americans have been so resistant to the bidet, maybe it’s the lack of knowing that this is NOT  the only bidet option out there folks.

Our house has had a bidet for many years now.  Our physical comfort level went up immediately when we installed our bidet toilet and we have never regretted the upgrade.



We have what is called a ‘toilet seat bidet’.  Let me point out a few features.

See the little box on the wall – that’s a remote that you can change direction of the stream to front or back, you can alter water temp, water pressure, stationary or moving and it has a blow dry function with three temp settings as well.  And oh yeah, you can have a heated seat if you want.

This is a very nice model but there are higher ones and lower models, too.  The price range is as varied as the model selections.

But the point is you don’t need TP.  And I don’t care what brand toilet paper you buy, it’s going to be rough going if you’re suffering illness or injury like hemorrhoids, yeast infections, post coital soreness, diarrhea etc. or just regular day to day usage – you will feel much cleaner and far less irritation due to TP use.


There is a HUGE selection of toilet seat bidets out there.  Just give a quick Google search and you’ll see what I mean.

My husband installed ours, granted he is Mr. Fix It but our first toilet seat bidet was a very simple install.  It didn’t have heated water, which was a bit of a thrill in the winter months, but we adapted quickly to that until we realized we loved the whole idea of the bidet and it’s benefits and once we realized that this was the way for us – we were happy to shell out a few more bucks for a more ‘deluxe’ version.

Plus, if you’re counting costs – how much do you spend on TP?  Then apply that to the cost of the bidet that will last you for YEARS.

Find a quickie you can install yourself or throw a plumber a bone and get it done professionally.

Of course, this Covid 19 pandemic will eventually pass (sooner rather than later I hope fervently with all my heart).  Still, from my perspective, this was some of the best money We’ve ever spent.


Desperate times call for desperate measures, however, I would not recommend this route.  This Beverly Hillbilly’s bidet has some obvious design flaws but I couldn’t resist adding to the post.

As always, thanks for joining me today and please – stay well. -Kriss

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