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Sweater Deja Vu

What’s new everybody?  For me – it’s flash back time.

And in the ‘weird and wonderful’ category – I was out browsing through my favorite ‘sourcing’ store yesterday and came across this…


…bet your thinking ‘huh’?  But it’s not the old coral colored sweater, it’s the snap covers and the story behind them.


Over three years ago I found an identical sweater to this one.  This is a Vintage sweater folks, probably made in the 40s  so what are the odds that I would find a second one?  But of course it’s not the sweater that made my day it’s those lovely three-tiered snap covers made in a variety of different colors and sizes of rhinestones that gets me all excited.  There are seven of these little beauties on (each) sweater.  I removed them from the sweater, gave them a good cleaning and the first set of these I listed was out the door in a matter of days – they’re just that rare and beautiful.

They do still make a version of these snap covers but they are smaller with only two layers and much poorer quality rhinestones.


These pretty blossoms of glass are about 3/4 of an inch wide.  And look at all those colors: aquamarine, citrine, ruby red, sapphire, amethyst, topaz and more.


The first layer of petals is metal loops.  This is what they used to sew them onto the sweater.  But these could also be used to link these into jewelry pieces.


What an incredibly fortunate find – x 2.  Sometimes you just get lucky.  Click to go to Old Raven on Etsy:  Rhinestone Blossoms

Have a good one and as always, thanks for joining me. – Kriss

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