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Lucite Confetti Candles by Gregorian Copper

Welcome All!

I have a blast from the past today – Lucite Candles.


These are ‘permanent’ candles – you don’t burn them and they are strictly for decor purposes.  But they do that very well indeed.


These candles were made by a company in San Clemente, CA whose specialty was making candle holders, particularly out of copper hence the name Gregorian Copper.  The company opened somewhere in the 1940’s and didn’t sell out until 1968.  They wanted unique candles to go with their lovely candle holders and so they created these ‘forever’ candles out of Lucite.


These candles are 12 inches of clear Lucite heavily flecked with gold and silver leaf bits.  There was a wide variety of candle colors, sizes and ‘confetti’ foil…some were just gold, some just silver and some were copper inside clear or translucent colored Lucite.


Many a ‘modern’ home had these accent candles – especially in the 50’s and 60’s.  I found TWO pairs of these beauties in excellent condition – want to add a little sparkle to a room?  Lucite Candles at Old Raven on Etsy

Perfect eclectic or Boho Decor accent pieces!

Thanks for browsing – if you’re lucky enough to have sunshine take a moment and feel the warmth. – Kriss



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